01 May 2012

One Last Look at the Fish Painting and some other things...

Hello Readers!

I've been busy with a project that has nothing to do with art and it's taken me away from art a bit. I'm learning how to make a habit of writing everyday. Too bad the words written here don't count on that....
I'm a writer as much as an artist. I don't share my writings with many people, but I do write a lot of poetry...least ways, what I call poetry. Everyone seems to have their own idea of just what poetry can and cannot be. I write for me so it doesn't matter what others label it to be. 
I had gotten away from the habit of writing daily. I missed it so I went back to it 11 days ago. 
If anything spectacular comes out of the writing muse, I'll share it here. Don't hold your breath though, those instances come few and very far between! 
It's the habit of writing that I aim to improve, not the quality of the writing. I suppose the quality does change from day to day and over time progress in quality does occur....I haven't found a proper showroom to share my poetry so I generally just keep it to myself.
There's a project for my sons when I'm dead and gone...catalog my hundreds of poems. Maybe there's a masterpiece in there somewhere and maybe someone could appreciate my brand of verse? 
I've been totally blown away with the response to some of my art work, why not the poetry as well?  They will have to do the work to reap the benefits though. My poetry is not in any kind of order at all. Most of it is written long hand in notebooks along with daily journal entries. A task I hope one of them decides to investigate. I'll keep adding to it till I am dead and gone and they can pick the ball up from there! Lots of people have become famous after they are dead! I wouldn't appreciate the celebrity while I'm alive, it's best it happen when I'm gone if it is gonna happen. 

Art has happened. The old body went into rebel mode and slowed me down in the art department as well. I'm still plugging along with the blue chunky page paintings. I think the paintings are done. Now I just have to put some danglies on them and get them to Scotland.

I'm fairly pleased with them. 

I did some experimenting when I painted these. I played around with the homemade gesso recipe.The gesso formed the little bumps you see in the photo. I really like that recipe of gesso. It's not quite the same, though very very much like store bought gesso. 
 I also tried out a new technique with eye shadow and clear acrylic varnish. I suspect just about any varnish would produce the same or very similar results. I used compressed powder eye shadow for the first try. I put about a tablespoon full of varnish in a little plastic cup and scraped the compressed powder into the varnish with my craft knife. The compressed powder really didn't have much of a shimmer or shine to it. It simply turned my varnish a nice shade of bluish gray. So I went digging for the other eye shadow I know is around here somewhere and came across a little jar of loose powder eye shadow. I found three jars of it in three different colors. I was after the blue though. You can't really tell it from the picture, but that powder eye shadow sparkles like there is no tomorrow! 
A successful experiment!

I got tired of having to move the 2 two liter bottles that were taking up way too much room in the junk box, whenever I had something else to put in the junk box so I whipped up another zippered container.

Another Polish Star.
It's hanging on an antique square nail above my calendar on the wall by the desk where the computer lives. I don't want to change the page to May for a few reasons, but mostly cause I really like that tiger picture! 
Other reasons involve me getting old!

This is the last time you will see Fish Picture #4.
Evelyn asked me was I going to enter it in the fair this year? I don't think so. I think I'll make a different one for the fair. This one is headed to the Gift Shop at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, KS.
I'm hoping they can sell it (and other things too) for me come the first of June when there will be a boatload of people in town for the opening of the Bowl Plaza. 
You can find out about the Bowl Plaza wing ding here. 

I made another monster. I love his horns! Blue paisley....they look a bit pink too, even in real life. He's made from an old corduroy skirt with felt for his eyes. The horns are made from an old cotton curtain. Ugliest curtains I've ever laid eyes on! His hair is that same thick pink yarn I've used for hair for many monsters. 
I acquired some other thick yarn for monster hair so expect to see some mauve colored hair on them in the future.

I made another macrame dragonfly with gold cord and copper wire.
I don't know what to do with all these dragonflies.

I started another new project also.
It doesn't look like much right now, does it?
My intention is to turn those pieces into a box after I've stitched them all. 
Yes, I know my stitches go every which way. This is my first attempt at needlepoint, ever. The whole box will probably have stitching that goes every which way. Not sure what I'll do with the finished box. I'm still debating on whether it will get a lid or not.
I'm almost finished with the bottom piece. there are a total of four like the finished section and there are two of the larger ones on the bottom of the stack. 
I'll report progress. This one is gonna take a while to finish.

I got three coat hangers this afternoon to use for the flamingo's legs.
Unfortunately for Mr. Flamingo, but YEAH for me, Flamingo has once again been put on hold till a different project gets finished. 
Paying projects come before non paying ones.
Progress is being made in the halt of the flamingo even though I won't be doing anything to him for a couple days. That dang bird hasn't been out of my thoughts since I hid him under the kitchen table three weeks ago!

My phone rang this afternoon with good news. Roslyn hooked me up with a commission to do some handmade books for a lady. Sweet deal! 
I have six books on my plate that need to be done no later than the Monday. They must be in the mail and on their way to their destination no later than MONDAY. I've already started on them. The long part is in progress. The easy part comes when I get the covers done. It is a short deadline, but deadlines usually motivate me and this one has. It won't take but a few hours to actually do them. It's the drying time, the cutting of the paper time that will take the longest. That's the stage we're in right now.  There's really nothing to show on this front right now either. I have two covers under the weights on the shelf in the hallway, another cover in middle realms and the others mulling 'round in my brain so I'm on it! :)

We shall see what gets accomplished in the next few days!
You all be good to one another!
It matters!

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