26 April 2012

Fish Picture #4: All But Done

Hello Readers!

Fish Picture #4 is done!
Well, except for the finishing details...like cutting off the end of the strings hanging off the top of the canvas, making sure all those rocks and little pieces are firmly attached and things of that nature and THEN it will be done!

This is what it looked like the day before yesterday.

A close-up of one of the little fishes. 
There ended up being nine of them. I think. I can't see the canvas from where I'm sitting...not well enough to see how many fishes are on it. I see five of them, but I know I used up all the fishes I made for this thing and there were nine of them.

Yep. Nine! 
This is what it looks like now!
The glue is still wet in the photograph (and as I type).

It is quite colorful. More so than I thought it would be actually.
I think I could have left the fishes without that coat of copper to tone them down.
Can't change that now though, so there ya have it!

All the pictures will get bigger if you click on them.

I didn't use all the bucky ball units, nor all the beaded wire corals I made for this picture. I'll use them on the next one. 
The next fish picture will not commence until I get the flamingo done!

I'll get a good picture of it hanging on the wall or somewhere once it's all dry and I've spiffyed it up some!

Thanks for hanging in there through the making of it!

Next finished project to show will be those blue paintings I showed you all in the last post. They've come a ways since you saw them last but there is no picture to prove that. I'll be finished with them probably later today.

I made another polish star yesterday but I didn't take a picture of it. It looks just like some of the others I've made. It's made of red wrapping paper with blue, yellow and green balloons on it. 

I threw a polish star away this morning when I cleaned off the counter top in the kitchen. It had become a catch-all and the polish star had gotten squished under something. The polish star had come untied and it was in need of a fix so it wasn't in perfect shape to begin with! It was a shiny red one. 
The box I keep the stuff for polish stars in has quite a few parts in it. I told you guys there would be more polish stars. That statement still stands.

That's about it from here!

Behave yourselves....I certainly have to....Lord knows what kind of trouble I can get into without even trying! 
Be good to one another!

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