10 July 2012

Bunch of Paintings, a Drawing or Two and some Works in Progress

hello everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to see the newest creations~!

I was thinking the day before yesterday, that I haven't really done much creatively in the last week or so. The muse ran off to Aruba for some sun and relaxation apparently! Actually, it was just too damned hot to do anything! The A/C unit bit the big one and had to be fixed. I was without A/C for five of the hottest days of the year thus far. I slept a lot during those five days.

So I dragged out the paints yesterday and here's what happened!

Blue Hair

Brown Elephant
4x4 inches

Bubble Tree
this one is markers on cardstock

Dream Spores
4x4 inches

4x4 inches

Flowered Wall


Gray Gum Trees
4x4 inches

Green Hair

Iberian Lynx
4x4 inches

Sometimes I just do not get it right! This is probably the ugliest cat I've ever painted! You all get the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Three Polish Stars

This is the red board book/paper mache book I did last month that I never got around to showing you all. It's technically not yet done as I have yet to do something with the long strings hanging off the binding. I'm stumped as just what to do with those.

This is the pastry box where I keep all my supplies for making Polish Stars. There are enough rounds in this box to make a good many more Polish Stars. There is one already in progress as you can see by the star shapes at the top of the picture. I use fast drying adhesive to put these guys together. A pencil for making the points and magazine pages for the paper.

Ropes. Some might call them braids. I found a tutorial to make a braiding disk and went to town with some acrylic yarn. I ended up with these long ropes of braid and had a devil of a time deciding what to do with them. I initially wanted to make a basket out of them by sewing them together but when I started the sewing process, I discovered that regular sewing sew thread isn't very sturdy and a basket wouldn't hold up to much abuse so I opted to stop once I got a good sized disk sewn and call them coasters!

This is the failed buckyball from last month that I never got around to showing you all. The units in this one will end up on the next fish picture. I really need to get started on that picture as the County Fair is next month and I'd like to enter another fish picture in the fair this year.

A WIP....toilet paper tube flowers. Yes, that is half of a hen's egg shell in the basket with the flower pieces. There's a snowman hat in there too.

My grandsons brought me all these fresh water snail shells from the Stillin Basin out at Webster Lake. My dil, Terah, painted the colored ones with fingernail polish.

Naked Brown Trees
Acrylics and watercolor on book page

Palm on the Beach

oil pastels on book page

Pink Tree

acrylics and watercolor on book page

I forget the name of it at this moment. 
Sleeping on the Blue Bed? That might be it.

I don't remember her name either.


Be good to one another!
It matters!!!

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