31 August 2012

A Book, Some Paper Projects and Few ATCs

The end of the month is upon us and the contents of this post conclude the projects completed this month. 

While at my son's earlier this month, I made some polish stars and paper flower balls. 

As you all (who read this blog) know, I use a lot of recyclables in my art.
These two are phone book page and magazine page. The larger of the two is about 3inches around and the smaller is just over 1.5 inches.

Three flower balls (aka kusudama) made from magazine paper. 
These are roughly 3.5 inches in diameter.
These puppies take a lot of time to make. About two hours for each one.

Three polish stars. The largest of them is phone book page, the other two are magazine paper.

And this is a terrible picture of Joss's new watercolor journal. 
The covers are painted corregated cardboard. Painted in acrylics. The inside front cover is 'coffee bean' brown and the back cover is the brown on the back and pink, like the front above the elephant. It is filled with 6 sheets of watercolor paper, giving it 12 surfaces to do something to. The book is 6 inches square with the pages being roughly 5.5 inches square.

Forgot I threw the alligator ring in here. My mother gave me this ring earlier today. It has amber colored stones all over its body and tiny red stones for eyes. It's a bit larger than any other ring I own! I love it! I don't how it's going to work out actually wearing it. I'm going to wear it for a few days and see how that works out.

I did a few ATCs early this morning.

Picasso's Femme Couchee
markers on book page

Picasso's Rooster
markers on book page

Purple Iris
markers on book page

the blue chair
markers on book page

Two Pigs
markers on book page

markers on book page

Yellow Owl
markers on book page

All of the ATCs are backed with cardstock.

I'm headed back to my oldest son's house again tomorrow so there won't be a blog post for a few days at the least. I don't know if I'll get anything accomplished in that time or not.

I forgot to tell you all what the pink fish picture got at the Rooks County Fair last week. The red mountain book took a blue ribbon---1st place and the fish picture took a red ribbon--second place. I had hoped for a blue with the fish picture but that's the luck of the draw!
I cashed my whopping $5 premium check yesterday. I ain't complaining! That was $5 I didn't have before the fair!

Thanks for stopping by!
Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, my friends!!!!!!
(If only the world did know peace...)

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