13 August 2012

Fish Picture is FINISHED just in time!

Hello Readers!
This post is heavy on Fish Picture #6 photos. 
It isn't for me to say whether it is any good or not. That's up to the viewer.
Unfortunately my photography skills do not do FP6 any favors! 
It has been oohed and aahed over by 4 boys, my son and my dil. Granted they do have prejudices because I am the creator of said picture, but it was nice to hear the oohs and aahs none the less! :) 
I'll let you make your own judgments.

It is much pinker in real life than my monitor shows it being in the photographs.

Ma might not be happy that I didn't use both kinds of fishes on it as she suggested, but the fishes just didn't want to be on this canvas! None of them did!
I just ignored the black ones' complaints and put them on anyway! It was way too late in the game to start fresh fishes. I had to use what was already on hand.

Not all the black fishes look alike.

More pictures of the details on the rock shelf.

All of the FP6 pictures will get bigger if you click on them.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with it.  The glue should be entirely dry by the time I get around to going to town to enter it in the fair later today. 
I still have to add a hanger to it as the saw tooth hanger that is there now will not be sufficient per entry rules. No big deal. I'll add a wire and two eye hooks to it.

I found another project I had completed and not take pictures of. I noticed them as I was leaving the desk room to go down the hallway. Hanging at eye level off the decorative hook on the wall to my right. It was lost in the chaos that is hanging from that hook on any given day!

I made all these paper wreaths sometime last week. I've no clue what the heck I'll do with them. Maybe some spray paint in white, silver or gold? 
They'd make a right nice garland for a Christmas tree were they to be hooked together somehow. 
I also have no clue just how many of them there are either. Around 80, that I do know.

Ma brought me a puzzle box yesterday and today I made two little books out of it.

Sorry, this one is sideways but when I downloaded the pictures from the smart card, I downloaded the other one twice. Had to stick this one in at the last moment as they are not the same picture on both.

Ma put this puzzle together last week. She's much braver than I am when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. This would have been a complete nightmare for me! I'd of been bald by the time it was finished! All the puzzle pieces were black and white. 
This puzzle was sold with a set of six different colored pencils to color it in once you put it together. Ma bought the puzzle at the thrift store and the pencils were nowhere to be found! She figured I could use the box for something! I saw book covers the minute I laid eyes on the top of the box!

Each book is 5x7 inches with 50 copy paper pages, sewn in coptic stitch with either black crewel embroidery thread or orange crochet cotton. The back covers are the bottom of the box, just plain white.

Another monster was born also.
This guy is made from a heavy curtain. The material is cotton and quite old, I think, considering how it sewed together. My grandson suggested the odd eyeballs. I like the effect of them! This monster is about 14 inches tall. He has felt for eyes and nubby green yarn for hair.

I also finished painting the girl in the leather helmet. She'll be sewn into a book probably in the next few days.
And I worked on my pig chunkies too. I've not said anything about the pigs but I've been working on them for a couple weeks now. I hope to finish them before the week is out and get them in the mail headed for Scotland.

Until next time:
Be good to one another!
It matters!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to!

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