18 November 2012

Birthday Book, Ornaments and Some Other Stuff

Hello Readers!
More art (if you want to call it that) to show you all from the last few days.

There's a birthday party today for my oldest sister. It's supposed to be a card party only but I don't do cards. I mulled the idea of a card over for a few days and nothing came to mind. I woke up this morning at the eleventh hour of this deal still not having a card or anything else to take to this party.
Then it hit me! I'll make my sister a book for her birthday and fill it with ATCs. She always oohs and aahs over my drawings so it will be a perfect gift for her.

I went through the two available ATC notebooks and dragged out all the cat ATCs I had. I needed 12 of them but found only 11 so I had to quick-like make another one.
That would be this one with the white cat sleeping in the blue spotted chair.

Then we needed something for the cover.
I wanted it to say CAT with cats. It didn't quite work out that way but close enough. I am, after all, pressed for time here!
This is markers on tracing paper, cut out and glued to the front of the book.

This is what it looks like inside the little board book. I bound it with pink crewel thread and made the pages from some old flash cards I had. Each page is two thicknesses of the card. The ATCs are not glued to the pages, just the corner tabs are glued down so if Elaine wants to put these elsewhere...she can.
I'm hoping she likes it!
Yes, I know I should have been on this weeks ago, but I work good on deadlines and the closer the deadline, the more motivated I am apparently!

I dragged out the sewing stuff yesterday and made progress.

All of the felt ornaments are now sewn together. They still need hangers but well on the way to being finished! At least the sewing is done!

Here's an envelope I started weeks ago. Not sure it's done though. I forgot I had done it. It was clipped to the place where I keep all my bull dog clips, hanging there to dry. I noticed it this morning and decided to take its picture. 

I use bull dog clips and clothespins for clamps when something needs to be clamped to stay put while it dries.

I  cut up a road map of Missouri and made some little boxes. I also used another couple pages from one of the French books my other sister gave me last weekend and some tie dyed construction paper to make more boxes. There are nine of them if memory serves me correctly.

Yep, nine of them. They still need their ribbons for hanging and they will be done.
I am not doing an ornament project this year. Not officially anyway! I am making another set of ornaments for a couple friends for Christmas though so there will be more ornaments of various materials before the Holidays are over!

When I was supposed to be figuring out something for my sister for her birthday, I was sewing pickle ornaments! 
These guys are just too dang cute!
I made 2 of them and I think more will be forthcoming!
I need to find some different color of green fabric. These two are made from the only green felt I had. Not sure I even have other green fabric that will work for pickles.

I do have some green silk but it's not really pickle colored. The silk is more blue than green. I'll figure something out! The hats are made from fake fur that was once a full sized santa hat!  They still need a loop added to the top of the hat for hanging. They're all sewn with the exception of the eyes which are glued on.
The next ones made will be a tad smaller than these two as I think they are a bit big for a tree ornament.

That poor pink velvet monster is still a WIP. Progress has been made though!
Maybe next post she will be finished. I've got all her parts cut out and ready for sewing, just need to get busy and get it done!

This is a drawing done in markers on tracing paper that will end up on an envelope in the next few days. Still trying to figure out just what that envelope will entail for it's finish! 
You know, I like doing envelopes but I have a devil of time deciding what to put on them! Mine are juvenile compared to the ones I've received in the mail! I'll just plug on though, cause you don't get anywhere if you just give up!
And I do love getting altered envies out of my mailbox!

Well, that's the extent of my creativity since the last post! 
Thanks for stopping by to see it all!

Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, friends!

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