10 November 2012

Some Drawings

Hello Readers!

I finished up the framed magnets that I talked about yesterday.

Chewing the Cud
markers on cardstock

I didn't put acetate over the drawings as I said I was thinking of doing. I just didn't see the point cause I didn't do any collaging on them.

Dog Love
markers on cardstock

markers on cardstock
This one is my favorite of all the magnets made with these little matboard frames.

Red Bird
markers and white paint pen on cardstock
I need to fix Mr. Bird's eye. I didn't notice it had smeared until I downsizing the file.

I do not have any more of these little frames, that I know of. That means I'll either have to not do anymore like this or make my own little frames. 
We'll see.

Drawing on manila paper. 2x3 inches...or there abouts. I didn't measure it, I just know it's not quite as big as an ATC.  Done in markers.

I've sewed a little more on the pink monster. I've never taken this long to complete a monster. I've always cranked them out in a couple of hours of continuous work on them. Been working on this pink one for four or five days now....Perhaps the next post you'll see the pink monster. Don't hold your breaths....I doubt she'll really be worth such anticipation. I could be wrong though, you just never know.

Thanks for coming along to read what's going on in my creative life. 
The other departments of life are going smoothly so all is quite well in my little world.

Be good to one another!
Be happy!
It matters on both accounts!!!
Peace, friends!

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