16 March 2013

Since Yesterday...

Hello Readers!

My desk is a major disaster area! 
I will have to deal with that later though cause today I'm working on shamrocks and little books. I know I promised you all a look at a finished book in this post but that is not going to happen. Probably the next post that book will show up again in a finished state. 
It is right at 11:30 Saturday morning. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I have to have 7 little presents ready for a party in the afternoon. I don't see that as a problem though. A challenge to be met is what it really is.
I'm ahead in that game though so no worries!

I got up around 3 this morning. The cat meowed and I was wide awake! I went to sleep around 6 or so last night. My brother in law, Micheal showed sometime after dark and woke my hide up, insisting...no INSISTING I haul myself over to Susan's house next door. I told him to give my apologies to his wife, my sister, Kathy but there was no way I was walking across the yard to Susan's house. I just physically wasn't able to do that! 
After about 10 minutes of his pleading..OK it wasn't really pleading...he went away and I went back to sleep. Right  back to sleep!
He brought me some acrylic paints and a good size bundle of felt in a few different colors. I discovered them again this morning when I was rummaging around for some yellow thread.
So waking at three a.m. wasn't a bad thing. I'd had plenty of sleep. I felt great when I got up. Had more energy than I've had in days!
That's the way the fibromyalgia works on me. I'm flat out one day, fine as frog's hairs the next. Later today I'll be hurting like a big dog. My arms are already tired.
But at the moment, I'm pushing forward cause the day is still young.

I'd crocheted this shamrock by 7:30 this morning. I threw away two petals I'd crocheted out of regular yarn. They were huge and not practical for what I wanted. This one is about 2.5 inches across and made from crochet cotton thread. Size 2 steel hook. It took me about 45 minutes to do this one. 

I need 7 of these by tomorrow afternoon. Crocheting wasn't going to cut it.

Felt. Excellent idea!
I went snooping around google images some more in search of felt projects involving shamrocks. I came across a headband with a three leaf clover on it made from felt. I hunted up a tutorial to show me how to make that three leaf clover. I simply added an extra 'leaf' to get a four leaf clover. Easy peasy! Takes all of ten minutes from start to finish. I'm thinking they need a bauble of some sort, something shiny dead center. I'll experiment with that. This one pictured is the only one done thus far. I've cut out enough pieces for seven more. 
I'll slap a magnet on the back of them and voila I have little presents for the party tomorrow and more to trade for the atart going on over at AFA.

I finished this little yellow beaded felt star this morning with my first cup of coffee. The other side is beaded as well, though it doesn't look as good as this side if you ask me. It has a magnet inside of it but the beads are too thick for the magnet to be very effective.
I'm almost done with my star project!

Another 3D paper star. Made from 140lb watercolor paper. Two sides glued together. I put the black marks on with a sharpie pen. This one has a copper wire hanger. 
That flamingo in the picture above the star is one of many. My sister gave them to me one day when she was going through stuff in her room. She had them leftover from her 50th birthday party. She is now 56. I was happy to get them. I've no clue what the heck I'm going to do with about 50 of them though. They have a 9 inch wooden stick attached. They're cute little things! One of these days something will come to me and I'll use them.

You all have seen this piece of magazine paper weaving before. About two years ago I wove all these little pieces together and then sewed the long strands together with blue embroidery thread. 

It ended up being a tube 7 inches in diameter, roughly 14 inches tall. I cut a bottom for it the other day. The bottom is part of a political yard sign that is made from corregated plastic. I've given the outside of the basket two coats of clear varnish thus far. It was really floppy and wasn't round at the top until a made a plug out of the corregated plastic and gave it some varnish to stiffen it up. I think a couple more coats of varnish won't hurt it at all. I'm going to put some dark colored paper in the bottom of it to hide the writing on the sign used for the bottom of it.

Pay no attention to my messy work space on the kitchen table. I need to put some clean paper down and so something with the one there! It'd make a neat book cover or background paper for the cereal box book.

I still have a box full of folded units to make more paper chains. I need to make some more coasters. I gave the laptop bag (made the same was as the basket) to my dil, Terah. As far as I know it's still holding up after a  year or so.

A picture of all the stars done in my project thus far. I need 10 of them minimum. I think there are 9 of them in the picture. It's not a very good picture, I know.
One of these days, should have done it yesterday! I'm going to go out to the burnt house and wrestle that scanner into the deskroom. I'm really tired of taking crappy pictures of some things. Other things, I have no control over having to take their pictures instead of scanning them. Kinda hard scan 3D things.

I've run out of pictures to talk about so I better get busy on the felt shamrocks!
I'll be back in a few days with more stuff.
Thanks for stopping by!
Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, my friends!

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