03 April 2013

More Cranes, A Little Book and Progress In Basket Making

Hello Readers!

 I've managed to add to the crane flock by 45 birds. 
I still need to make a lid for that little brown basket...

I got around to making a little book for a trade.

It is 2.5 inches by 2 inches with construction paper pages (blue and red). Around 50 pages. Not really sure about the exact number as the page block was in a bit of disarray when I put the book together and I neglected to put the same number of pages in each signature. I've never beaded the spine of a book before. I made a bit of a boo-boo on one set of beads but the book sewed up quite tightly. That's always a GOOD thing! The ladybug is done in fingernail polish on painted newspaper, cut out and glued to the watercolor paper cover. There's a layer of chipboard (part of a shirt box) under the watercolor paper. I put a black spot in the ladybug's eye after I took this picture. The seed beads are glass and the book is sewn with polyester beading thread in the pamphlet stitch. Looks like the long stitch but each of the signatures is sewn in individually in the pamphlet stitch. It's a cute little and I'm pleased with the outcome. I hope the recipient is as pleased with it.
You all know I've been a bit star obsessed here of late. I'm not sure that phase has ended right yet.

I always have a paint rag at hand when painting. These stars were made from one such 'rag'. It was a paper towel covered and caked stiff with acrylic paint from a painting session or two. I cut out the star shapes with the intention of using them as embellishments as is. They weren't very wow so I painted them with fingernail polish in various colors. A couple of them I embroideried with crochet cotton. These are slated to be a part of the cereal box book.

I've made some progress on the big brown basket. I'm showing the little brown basket and the picture from last time to show you that progress....little that it is. The picture above is from the last progress report, the one below showing the progress since the last post.
This basket will be done when it is about 5 inches high. It's only about 2 inches at the moment. It is slow going, but going and I'm pleased with the progress.

The cereal box book is on the radar. I dream about that book! The little stars above in this post were literally dreamed up while I slept! 
These magazine page stars were constructed while watching mindless hours of Project Runway on hulu.com. 

Just marker on magazine paper. I didn't use a pattern to make these stars. If you go here you'll find a tutorial on how to cut a five pointed star with one snip of your scissors. That's how these were made. This one has majhongg scores written all over it.

Purple marker instead of black. All of these stars are about 7 inches or there abouts.

I made an armature for a doll of some sort. This is as far as the vision took me. I'm sure you'll see more of this critter before too much time passes. 
I haven't done anything more with the cone dolls from the previous two posts. Not to worry though, they will show up again in this blog.

The drawing muse has fled to parts unknown. I'm hoping she returns soon. I need some practice!

I hope all of you are well. 
Thanks for stopping by to see what's up!

Be good to one another!
It matters!

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