23 April 2013

Angels and Other Things

Hello Readers!
You all thought you wouldn't see those angels from the last post for eons! 
I actually finished them! 

They're laying on the kitchen table with magnets attached! Unfortunately this isn't a picture of the finished project. I also put aluminum stars on their tummy where their hands should be.
I wasn't sure my little star punch would actually punch through the aluminum sheet I cut from a can that tea came in, but it worked out right nicely! My star punch got sharpened and I got the stars I wanted!
I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen table before posting. There are owls there that are finished also.

As of today there are a grand total of 268 origami cranes accounted for.

If memory serves me correctly, there are 53 cranes in this pile. I forgot to write that figure down. I folded all these guys up and put them in plastic bags to send off to California. 
I'm still folding cranes. Cut a stack of magazine pages yesterday so the paper is handy while I'm sitting in front of this keyboard watching mindless hours of some documentary or another. 

I've not counted how many are in this bowl. I've added to it since I took this picture. I'm guessing there's probably around 30 of them there.
More cranes are in the future!

I gave away almost all of my origami butterflies so I made some more.
These aren't finished yet. They still need antennae and a magnet.
I painted a few of them with fingernail polish to see what I could make of that. The goldish colored one in the pile to the right of the bowl is brown kraft paper painted with sparkly orange fingernail polish. It looks like it's made of gilded copper in real life. Very pretty! The white ones are painted with white fingernail polish. I'm going to add some color to them before it's all said and done.
You'll see these again.

This is what the coiled basket looked like yesterday before I got out the needle and crochet cotton.

Ta-da! Finished!
It ended up being about 3 inches tall by 7 inches across.
It isn't as stiff as I would like it to be but it will do.
I think you will see more of this type basket in the future also.

Acrylics on cardstock.
I was just playing around with paint.

Frog number one.
Three more to go.
I think this will end up being a painting. ATC size.

A Bag of Money
markers on cardstock
Don't we all wish for a bag of money?

Unfinished drawing.
Mushroom Monster
I drew it. It stopped talking to me. Who knows what will happen. I just know it is not done! ATC size.

My Altered Envelope partner for April lives in Brazil. (I live in Kansas, USA.)

I painted the white background with blue watercolor to make it more like the other side. The rest of it is done in black marker and fingernail polish.

Back side of altered envelope.
Nail polish and black sharpie.

These five little fishes were sewn and beaded sometime back in November of 2012, I think.  They've been hanging out in a bowl for months waiting to see the world. I gave them each a pair of googly eyes and a length of thread through the dorsal fin for them to hang. They range in length from 3 to 5 inches. They were fun to make. My first time beading like this. Not sure just what the fishes will be useful for but they are fun.

While the weather misbehaves I find something creative to do.
And I can tell you the weather has been down right fickle for the entire month of April!

This is hail. Hail that fell and covered the porch. The day before this happened, we got rained on. Then we got hailed on. Then we got snowed on. 
I woke up yesterday to snow covering the ground. It was gone by dark. 
I woke up today and it had snowed again!

Hello, Mother Nature! 
Time for spring, old girl!
Time for spring!

Lola agrees!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to. 
Staying out of trouble-yes, that I have been doing!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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