10 June 2013

FP7, WsIP, Poetry, Carrots, Baskets, Murder and A Sleeping Dog

Hello Readers!

I've not got a lot more done on Fish Picture #7 (fp7) since the last time I was here. I've added a few more rocks to the coral shelf and some more green strings to the background.
I'm seriously thinking that the coral shelf needs a major overhaul. I'm not happy with how dark it is against that yellow background. The next time I show progress, it may look completely different! The muse is still thinking about it. She thinks about it while I'm trying to sleep at night. She thinks about it while I go about living and when she decides action must be taken, we drop all and get it done! 
I've been working on pieces to go in the coral shelf. I got the map dohickeys all done, but there isn't a picture to show you. They are all laying on the kitchen table where I last worked on them. I also made some orange blobs and some black starfish for fp7 that there are no pictures of in this post. 

I'll do another progress report on fp7 when more progress gets made. And I'll show you the starfish and the blue flocked dohickeys that started out as 1 squares of a Missouri road map.

I believe I told you all that Ma is now sewing monster bodies for me on  her sewing machine. She brought me 10 sewn monster bodies sometime last week.
I've worked on three of them. The striped one is a tad hidden beneath the black and white one. These three all still need some hair and one of them needs a signature sewn into a horn. 
You'll see these guys again in the next post. They're on my list of things to do today. 
This owl is also on my list of things to do today.
I cut it out day before yesterday. As you can see, he's not a very large owl. He'll get some stuffing and I still have to make him some feet. Ma will give me hell if he does not have feet! LOL Doesn't mean I always listen to her about owls having feet though. The cardboard owl magnets I made still don't have any feet even though she insists they should have feet. Maybe I'll put that on my to-do list today as well. All they need is a stick from one of the bushes in the yard to give them something to perch on and Ma will be happy with those owls! 

It isn't clear but in those two little clear boxes beside the owl parts are more components for fp7. One box has tiny little seafoam green colored circles punched out of carton paper with the crop-o-dile and the top box has tiny little rectangles of silver foil paper. These things will be sprinkled among the other dohickeys scattered across the coral shelf.

That little blue book the owl parts are laying on is called 20,000 Words. It is a list of 20,000 words in alphabetical order. I use this little book to cheat when I play Lingo on Facebook. Sometimes it saves me, usually I run out of time before I find the correct word I'm trying to find. I use it almost every game, at least once.

It's also handy to have when I write poetry. I use it as inspiration for acrostics. I don't look for any particular word for this. I open the book to whatever page comes up and choose a word. Then I write an acrostic poem.  Let's try it:



I'm not sure if patella is pasta or not, but that's where the muse ran with it! 
(I haven't written poetry for weeks!)

I was surfing the web day before yesterday. Looking back through sites I had bookmarked. Carrots came into play because Little Red Riding Hood had, not a basket of cakes and cookies, for Grandma. She was carrying a little basket of carrots and strawberries. 
The first carrot I made is a bit large! For a fridge magnet, it's a bit large. 
I used light gray sewing thread to sew this one because I didn't even know if it would work or not. I didn't use a pattern. I just took the same route to make monster horns and added some leaves instead of a monster.
It looks like a carrot! Success!
But I really wanted smaller carrots. These guys are made from the same exact sheet of felt as the large carrot, but sewn with 2 strands of orange embroidery thread. The carrots are about an inch and a half, not counting the leaves. This is more the size I was thinking for magnets. 

I didn't make any strawberries. Strawberries might happen someday, but it's not on the to-do list. I bought a pint of strawberries at the grocery store a couple hours ago for one dollar and 88 cents. 
I'll be having a smoothie later....

I have this giant ball of fabric strips. I've made two baskets already and it is still a huge ball of fabric strips. I couldn't tell you where I acquired this ball of fabric. Yard sale? Thrift store? Someone gave it to me? I've had it for a few years.
I bought a new crochet hook last week for the sole purpose of turning this ball of fabric into one basket. I really didn't think it would go as far as it has gone. 
The strips are cut about 3/4 inch and pinked on both sides so it doesn't ravel at all. I like the colors in it as well.
This is the second basket I made. So let's talk about the first one, first.
I was crocheting along wondering how much more I could do till I ran out of ball.
The basket bottom got bigger but the ball didn't seem to be getting any smaller.  I wish I'd of put a couple more rows on the bottom before I started on the sides with this one. It's just shy of fitting over the bottom of my glass casserole dish. It would make an excellent hot pot holder. That won't be happening with my casserole dish because as I already said, it don't fit! I didn't measure these baskets but I'm pretty sure that glass dish is right at 7 inches across it's bottom. It's a 2qt casserole dish. Older than dirt, that dish is....
I'm pretty sure there is enough fabric left of the ball that I can make one to fit that casserole dish! 
The second basket is about an inch smaller the first one. It fits perfectly inside the larger one. 
Might of taken me three hours to make both of these. I got my fix of crime TV while crocheting. And a blister on my right middle finger as well. That hook could stand to be a half inch longer. I found a new show on hulu.com called Crime Inc. It's a rather interesting program.

I probably shouldn't watch so much crime TV. This purple bunny and white dog are destined to be disassembled and turned into something else. Their innards will end up in monsters! I got them free at a yard sale a few weeks ago. You can see the little leopard that already met its fate at the blades of my scissors. The carrots are filled with leopards guts. You can't see it but beside the leopard skin is the outer shell of a little mint green rabbit as well. 
I'm still wondering what to do with their eyes. I can't reuse them as eyes cause they don't come apart. I just had an idea! I'll let you know what it is later, when I have enough eyes to do it! (Eyebrows will be raised, I'm sure!)
I'll turn some of the material from the stuffed animals into monster horns and other smaller projects. There really are no large pieces to a stuffed animal. Even the larger ones, like the purple bunny, won't yield any pieces large enough to a lot with. There are still some animals in the laundry room I need to take my scissors to as well. 
It's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. I think Fred has the right idea!

You all be good to one another!
It matters!
Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to! 

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