12 October 2013

Drawings, Sewing and a Basket or Two

Hello Readers!

I've been busy for the last 11 days. It doesn't really feel like I've accomplished all that much though.  Especially when you consider I made the majority of these things I'm fixing to talk about all in the last week. I have worked on fp9 too, but I failed to take any new pictures of it while photographing these guys at three o'clock this morning. Fp9 is coming along nicely by the way! I promise pictures of it next post!

Cat toys were high on the radar the last three days! 

These birds were made early  this morning. I'll probably make a few more of these before November gets here. The pattern is my own.

Mice. I have about a dozen of these little devils all cut out and ready to be sewn. I hate sewing mice! It's their ears that give me so much trouble. They are cute though and worth the trouble of their ears no matter how much I hate it! The remaining mice are an awful green color, purple and yellow.

Fishes. Fishes are EASY to sew! I'll have to cut some more of these if I'm to make any more of them before November. You see the green one in the bottom right hand corner? It's the first one I sewed. I didn't like it too well. I like the others much better! All the cat toys have catnip sewn into the innards along with some polyester filling. Felt sewn with embroidery thread. Bird, mice and fish are all about 3 inches long or so.

This was an interesting experiment! I wove this little mat on an embroidery hoop. It's about 3.5 inches across, made from strips of cotton fabric and green acrylic yarn. I have metal hoops of all sizes and a basket full of cotton strips to do something with! I need a new pad for one of the chairs in the livingroom and a pad for my chair out on the porch. You'll see some more of these, bigger than this one, in the future. 

I used up some more of the microscope slides Ma brought me. 

2 gray kitties
all the microscope magnets are drawn in marker on cardstock

black and white kitty

green eyed gray kitty

3 blue birds again

calico cat


green bubble tree

orange poppies x2

some more orange poppies

striped ginger kitty

5 orange poppies

I was into orange flowers yesterday when I drew all these!

half a sun face

I finished the pink and white basket. It's a little basket. Only about 3 inches across and 3 inches tall.

I was going through some of the stuff on the shelf just inside the doorway in this room the other day and ran across a window blind repair kit. I don't own any window blinds TO repair so I did the next best thing and used the plastic strips to make a basket. This basket needs a bit of help if truth be told. I bought a new stapler this morning while I was in town so I'll do some repairing to this basket tomorrow when I wake up. This basket is about 6x4.5 inches.

That's all I've accomplished that I can show you all. I have gone through the stuff on the shelf in the kitchen and found a basket full of half-finished projects that I'll get to in the next few days. You all will get to see some paper mache birds and fishes, some other fishes and whatever else is in that basket. I think I saw some polymer clay carrots that need a paint job. They'll become magnets. I really don't know what all is in that basket.

That's it for me today!
Thanks for stopping by!
be good to one another,
it matters!

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