05 August 2014

Promised Art and More Art

Hello Readers!

I'm not usually sitting in front of the computer typing out a blog post this early in the morning. It's about a quarter to eight and I've been away since about five. Course when you fall asleep before seven the evening before, you're bound to be getting up pretty early.
I always turn the computer on first thing when I get up unless I have something that I need to get done first thing in the morning. Like yesterday. I didn't turn the computer on till almost three yesterday afternoon. I was up and at it by six thirty yesterday morning. One really should go to sleep before three a.m. when they KNOW they have to be up and ready by seven cause their mother will be there to pick them up for a kidnapping shopping spree. I was kidnapped. I know it shouldn't be classified as a kidnapping when you know it is going to happen, but shopping sprees always feel like a kidnapping because that is how much I hate going shopping!

I've played a few games on the computer this morning and read through my facebook feed a couple times. The phone rang at 6 when I was contemplating making a pot of tea. It was my youngest son, RW. I worry about that boy. He works in the oilfield where the work is dangerous and his boss is screwing him around with his pay. RW is also having problems with his right arm and his hands. Says they're numb and painful. He has no health insurance. He knows he will be fined for that but when you have no money, how can you get insurance? He has four children and a wife to take care of as well. I do worry about that boy.
We talked for better than an hour. He had to get ready for work. He doesn't have to be on the rig till noon but he has an almost three hour drive ahead of him to get there! He has to pick up two other fellas who work the same rig as he does and he has an appt this morning in Grainfield about getting a house there. Will put him much closer to work than where he lives now. The boy has a lot on his plate and I do worry about him. I say, 'boy', but RW is a grown man. It's just that he will always be boy to me. Same as his brother. I know 30something men are NOT boys. 

You know how they say that women have a lot more words to say everyday than men do? That boy of mine, he's got more words to say than most men. He takes after his Aunt (one of my sisters) when it comes to talking on the phone. He can use up the airtime~! Love him dearly and will always talk to him as long as he wants to talk. 

As I said, I did go shopping yesterday. Got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to Hays with Ma. We went to Home Depot for some ceiling tiles for my brother. I got some paint samples...three of them. Oops paint. They come in a pint jar for 50 cents. I got two shades of white and some gray. It's just wall paint. I use it on fish pictures, bowls, and just for general painting uses. 

Speaking of bowls.....I finally finished painting the baking soda clay bowl that has been sitting on the kitchen table for eons.

I'm quite pleased with it!

I've already varnished the inside of the bowl. As you can see, it is quite shiny. The outside of the bowl will be shiny like that too, too once I get it varnished. I'm thinking I might enter this bowl in the county fair along with the newest fish picture. 

NOTE TO SELF: finish the newest fish picture!
It just needs a few more strings added to it.

While out shopping yesterday, I picked up some more glue sticks and a couple more rolls of tape. I need more tape like I need a few more holes in my head. I really need to curb that fetish for tape that consumes me whenever I'm in a store, standing in front of any tape display. Yesterday it was duct tape. I added only one more roll to my stash. And then I added another roll of invisible tape to the stash. If it's invisible tape, does it count? ;) I go through cellophane tape like it's going out of style! At least a roll a month. Every single day I use at least one piece of tape for something or another. 
While in Home Depot I was tempted by the dark gray duct tape they had standing proudly on display in the paint section. I resisted though! It was hard though! I don't have that color of duct tape. The one I bought at Walmart has paw prints all over it.

I really haven't added much to the list of art completed since I was here last. I know I promised art later the same day when I made the last post. Sorry. That didn't happen. I think it's been three or four days since that post and I'm finally getting around to showing what I got.
Not much!

I lay awake in bed one night a few nights ago trying in vain to go to sleep and ignore all the thoughts rustling around in my mind. It was like being on a roller coaster! I'd go from one thought to the next without any seams. I was thinking about the dishes on the kitchen counter, men I used to know and that box of key rings out in the burnt house. It was the key rings that produced fruit over the next few days.

Ta Da! A basket made from key rings and silver foil tape. 

The basket measures about 10 inches across and four inches deep.

It took me three days and many hours of sitting in front of this computer watching British crime shows on hulu to complete this basket. It's not a very stiff basket. Has some give to it, but it's a sturdy basket. I'll be listing it in my etsy shop.

There will be more baskets like this one. I have a box (somewhere) out in the burnt house that holds about 1500 of these key rings. I have to take them apart to get the rings off them but the rest of the key ring is useful as well and you'll get to see what happens with them as soon as I figure that out myself. There will be another night of the mind racing through all subject matters and those parts will come up and something will come to me. And the next morning when I get up, I'll go all gungho about getting it made. At the moment, I have no idea just what it will be!

Met Frida. She's made from one of my old painting rags...an old white terrycloth towel. It doesn't show well, but she has a braided bun on her head with a couple of plastic flowers sewn on. 

I crocheted her shawl from crewel embroidery yarn. Her dress is made from an old cotton sweater. It took me hours to hand sew all those glass beads on the front of her dress.
She stands about seven inches or so tall. The gold thing dangling from the front of her shawl is a lone earring with the earring wire removed.

This doll is also made from an old paint rag. The same paint rag as Frida. Her arms and legs are cashmere sweater material. Her dress is made from the same cotton sweater as Frida's. I gave up on sewing the whole dress with beads. Her little bunny is needle felted. She stands about seven inches tall. Maybe a bit taller. I didn't measure the dolls.

Bunny has wooden bead eyes. He stands about 1.5 inches tall.

I painted this ATC on the last day of May according to the inscription there. It's done in markers and fingernail polish. 

Oval Hem Lace Basket

Round Hem Lace Basket
I don't have much hem lace to work with now. I used most of it on these two crocheted baskets. The oval one is about six inches long or so. The round one about 5 inches across. I'm guessing on the sizes. I didn't really measure them.

I had a visit with this little girl last weekend. 

Thanks for reading!
be good to one another!
It matters!

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