12 September 2014

Back again so soon? Why, yes, yes I am!

Hello Readers!
I know, I know, I was just here with a post. Well, I am back again!
When the muse is busy, I have to keep with the blog or you all end up reading a novel. 
I really haven't been that busy since the last post. I can't remember if it was yesterday or the day before that I was last here but I have been busy and accomplished a few finished things. I also have unfinished things to show you.

That big mess of 'string' aka polyrope has kept me busy! I was only awake for nine hours yesterday but I didn't do much more than sit on my butt in front of this machine, watching reruns of Forensic Files and crocheting on this thing.....
I have attempted another coiled crochet basket. This one is sitting in my recliner so you can see how big it really is. The sides are straighter than the first try, but still a tad wonky. It will get another three rounds or so. I'm going to incorporate handles into the last two rounds. 
I spent a good hour or more untangling that hank of yellow polyrope. I still have another hour's work ahead of me to finish untangling that hank of rope. 

I've made these two also. The one with the scissors in it just needs one or two more rounds and then it will be deep enough to use as a pencil cup. I really like how this polyrope plays with hot glue. They work beautifully together! I will need to get some more hot glue because I'm running low. This yellow rope  may give me a reason to use that ugly yellow hot glue I have on hand. It might not show so blatantly on this yellow rope as it does on everything else! I will have to experiment.

I've been silent about the butterfly project since I mentioned it first. The reason for that is because the butterfly project isn't going according to plan and I've changed up the plan completely. I may go back to the butterflies in the near future but for now....they're off the drawing board to make room for the project that will take their place. I would be working on that project this evening but I forgot to buy some white caulking when I was in town earlier today. I may have to forego the white caulking and just use the clear stuff I already have on hand. Need to get going on this one!

Over at the AFA Envie Group someone shared this video
I gave it a shot.

I forgot to take pictures before I cut my circles and flowers into 4s. But here are the beginnings of two birds made from the cuttings.

And two finished CRAZY BIRDS!
This was a fun exercise. I totally went off into left field with these birds. I would have never come up with them without the prompts in the video. It was fun to play around with no expectations from the beginning. I will do this again just for the fun of it. 

I used these pens on the CRAZY BIRDS. I bought this set of pens at the Dollar Store for $2 a couple weeks ago. These pens write very smoothly and the colors are very vibrant. This is my second set of these in a couple year's time.
It would be fun to do four birds a day for an entire year, never using the same writing utensil twice. I probably have enough markers, pens, paint brushes and colored pencils to accomplish that!  You have to cut your circles and flowers into fours so you'd always have four birds in the making even if you only wanted to do one. I think I'll finish the other birds from earlier before I call it a day.

It was quite chilly today and even chillier since the sun went down. The wind is still blowing and the weather gurus are saying " get used to it, cause it will be here for awhile!"   "Wonderful!" I say sarcastically! 
I am not looking forward to winter being here! Not at all!

Well, looks like I have a few things to finish before the day is done. I've got Forensic Files on for some noise and lots of projects to choose from!
Thanks for reading!

Be good to one another!
It matters!


A Mynah Production said...

That red basket is amazeballs! Love the contrasting colors.

Seeing all that you do wears me out!

That's what I was suppose to do! I gotta do that bird thang! Maybe tonight! :)

You're dreading the cold...and it can't come sooner here. It's 98 here...tomorrow it's suppose to be 100....

Tracy Anderson Design said...

I love your Crazy Birds! I'm so glad someone has tried it out. It is still on my list of "To-Dos".

I'm with Mel on the weather. I'm so sick of this heat! It's been in the 100s for weeks now. I only dream of cold weather.