16 September 2014

Four Days and Nothing Much to Show

Hello Readers!

Just a quick post today. I'm supposed to be getting dressed to go to town. It's almost noon and I'm still in my pajamas. Not that I had anywhere to go until I decided a trip to the grocery store was in order. I've been awake since about 1 a.m. I would have loved to have gone to town when I first got up but there are two problems with that wish. 1). There isn't a thing open in my town at 1 a.m. and 2). There wasn't anyone awake to take my hide to town at 1 a.m. So I worked on baskets and played mahjongg most of the night. I also did the dishes which will please Ma to no end! That means she won't be doing them. Yes, I know it sounds weird that my Mother does my dishes for me but it is a great help to me and I thank her profusely for all that does for me. The least of which is hauling my ass to town when the need arises!

I truly don't have much to show you all this time. 
No pictures to show of the hours spent tearing up 50 little plastic tubes I got in the mail the other day. Those are destined for experimentation. I'll show you all what happens with those when something of consequence does happen. All I did to them thus far is tear them apart to separate their components and I used a bit of one tube to make a component for the next fish picture. 

I finished the big red basket.
No picture of just it. I sat it on the bed while I went to find the phone to take its picture and Miss Lola Cat decided it would make a fantastic bed for her!

She refused to get out of the basket even when I turned it on its side!  Notice I put another few rows on it and added some handles.

I have done nothing but make baskets since I was here last.

These are both the same basket. I painted the yellow rope with white wall paint and then painted the outside of the blue one with craft paint. 

This one got a coat of wall paint as well then another white coat on the inside and a coat of purple wall paint on the outside. This one will get a few more dots of red and possibly orange or green before I call it done.

I'm working on a secret project at the moment. Ok, at the moment I am NOT actually working on it, but it is in the works as we speak. Actually it's in the bathroom closet, away from the cats and that fool dog, drying so I can finish it and get it where it needs to go!

I gotta go get dressed!

Be good to one another!
It matters!

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A Mynah Production said...

I love that red basket....ha ha ha...so does your cat, that looks totally adorable in it!