30 October 2016

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Hello Readers!

I've had so much to say today, this is the second post of crazy. Crazy is good though! Keeps you on your toes!
We're going to talk about art and other things in this post.

Apparently I've been busy again! 
Let's do this....grab a cuppa something, settle in, enjoy!

 You all saw this little bag in a previous post. I finally got the handle sewed on.
 It measures 6x2x5 inches...somewhere in that range. I didn't actually measure it. It is crocheted from plastic bags made into plarn. The little silver rings are acrylic.
It was a fun little bag to make! There are rings all along the length of the handle as well.
 You all saw this bag in the last post when it was only a few rounds tall.
 These are its handles before they actually became handles. The green tubing is oxygen tubing. Rope. Any flexible plastic tube would work. I taped three 1/4 inch lengths of tubing together and crocheted a cover that would fit.
 Then I sewed those covers to the tubing. I'm not crazy about these handles but they do work. They're kinda fat for a handbag. They'll work though.
 I've stalled on this project at this point. I cut some corrugated plastic signage to the size of the bottom of the bag and gave it a stiff bottom. The plastic was covered in dark blue polyester fabric and then sewn to the bottom edge of the bag. Doing that gave the bag nice structure.
I am going to attempt to put a zipper in this bag. Only one side of one handle is actually sewn to the bag at this point. I'm thinking I should probably put the zipper in before putting on the handles. I've never installed a zipper before. We'll see how it goes as soon as it happens.
 This is my newest crocheted market bag. Still in the works. Going steady and smooth. Should be done in a day or two.
 I finished the cotton thread water bottle bag. It was waiting on that braided handle to be done for better than a week. I like the braiding disk.
 It's big enough to hold a 20oz bottle with a bit of room to spare. I crocheted it out of crochet cotton thread in various colors, plus purple. 
 I made a few brooches earlier today. This one I finished yesterday. The green and purple dog. He kinda looks like a reindeer.
 Another dog like brooch. Dogs are not my animal. I make awful dogs more often than I get them right. Dog though.
 Bird brooch.
 One eyed cat brooch.
 Purple cat brooch.

All of the brooches are felt applique sewn with embroidery thread. They have lapel pin backs.

Crochet has happened a lot here of late...
 This chicken pot holder no longer exists. I messed it up something fierce! It was a practice run. I don't generally follow any pattern when I crochet. I can read patterns, I just prefer to wing it most of the time.
I tore it out and tried again.
 I was aiming for a pair! :) Goal met!
I'll be giving these as a Christmas Gift. I got them right on the first try the second time!
Cute little devils aren't they??? You can go to etsy and buy the pattern or you can go to youtube and watch one being crocheted. I went the video route. It will point you to etsy if need be.
If you know how to crochet, these are pretty easy to make and they are cute as can be!
 I found this little basket in another basket earlier this afternoon. I was looking for the loom flowers I made some months back when I found the little basket. I didn't find the loom flowers, just the looms.
 I crocheted this little wire basket months and months ago. You can see from the crappy picture of it in my hand that it is a tiny little basket. I need to drag out those spools of wire and crochet 11 more of them in 11 different colors. I don't know what else that wire is good for. I thought it was something completely different than what it is when I bought it. It wasn't too hard on the hands crocheting with that plastic coated wire. It's like very thin plastic clothesline wire. 

 You all saw the colorful plarn market bag in the works in the last post. I finally got around to making another ball of bright yellow plarn to finish this bag and mark it off the list! That might happen in the next few days as well.
 I have a few other projects in the works too though, so who knows what will happen! The yellow bag is ready to have its strap sewn on. It also needs a button of some sort as a closure. 
The little green man climbed out of my felt storage bag when I was gathering supplies for the brooches. I haven't seen him in at least six months! Now that he's back in the light of day, he might get his hair finished and some clothes one of these days.
I started the blue bag yesterday. It's the beginnings of a crossbody bag sewn together in a coil with blue acrylic macrame cord and gold crochet cotton thread. It's coming along nicely. 
There are some little crocheted and embroidered bumble bees hiding under the wips also. Three of them in various stages of completion. There will probably be a whole swarm of little yellow bees with black stripes and netting wings to hang on my Christmas tree. There will be at least 3 at any rate.

I leave you with the north field, planted to wheat.  Five weeks and four days into its growing cycle.

The leaves have already started falling off the trees. That's an elm tree to the right and I'm not sure what that little tree on the left is. The chickens have cleared the underbrush from the marijuana growing along the trench. It is dying out for the year. It's wild ditch weed, I didn't plant it. If I were gonna plant some weed, it would be weed worth smoking! 
The wheat field is looking wonderful to my untrained eye! That is my favorite color of green in the whole wide world! Always has been! 
I haven't seen any cows yet, but the possibility is there that cows will show up. 
Stay tuned!
You know there will be art and crochet and all manner of things handmade show up here, might be cows as well! I like cows.

Thanks for hanging in there for a two parter! 
Whew! It's over!
Remember though....
Be kind to one another!
It matters!

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Is plarn especially difficult to make? I gotta try it sometime. Love all of your lil brooches!