08 July 2017

A Little of this and that and the other.....

Hello Readers!

I'm just gonna dive right in to this and get the show on the road, so to speak. It is 6am Saturday morning. I have been awake since about 11 am yesterday so it's past my bedtime. I mention this because there are bound to be typos and a bit of nonsense probably as well.

I spent yesterday afternoon working on my granny square blanket, which you will see later in this post. But I spent the bulk of the evening and the wee morning hours putting marks on some of the pages of my junk journal.  I've been working on this junk journal for going on three years now. I do believe this is the first sneak peek anyone has seen of it. I worked on 14 different pages during the dark hours but there are six times this many pages in the book. 

I started out with a composition notebook that I glued magazine cut outs into. As time progressed other marks were added. Paint was applied...It is nowhere near done. I'm rather liking it though.

I took the composition notebook apart by cutting the string it was sewn together with and separating the pages from the binding. I then collected them into bundles of seven or eight pages, and will sew the book back together into signatures. It will have a totally new cover when I finish it.

There is no rhyme or reason to what ended up in the book.

Lots to do to these two pages still.

I really like this green spread. That lady needs a beard and mustache. Cause everyone in these pages has a beard and mustache. Why? Cause I can.

I used markers, acrylic paint, shimmery watercolor paint, oil pastels, india ink and a paint pen. There may be other things on there I'm forgetting at the moment. I did mostly painting on it today.

That blond has been transformed into a man with glasses, a very long beard and fancy mustache, wearing a black suit with a white shirt. 

I'm pretty sure if you make the pictures bigger by clicking on them you'll be able to read the text better.

And this concludes the sneak peek at my junk journal progress.

I've done some sewing since the last time I was here.

Little ellie stuffie made from the fabric from a pair of pants. He's about 5 inches long, 4 tall. there abouts. I didn't measure him. He still needs a saddle and some bells.

Morning Coffee.  

The paper mache birds are progressing. I'm not crazy about the color scheme of these critters and I probably will change that up when the painting muse hollers at me again. There are three more of these birds. I found two of the lost birds under the kitchen table. There is still one MIA. I'm sure a cat helped themselves to my birds. 
Stay tuned. The birds will be done soon.

I crocheted this bag early last week. It still needs some handles. 

Another work in progress. A small crocheted bag done in cotton string. This one has been in the works since late April. It will be done eventually as well.

There are a couple other crochet projects in the works that I have yet to take a picture of. There's a few fabric bracelets that need some more sewing and baubles added. A couple more crocheted bags in the works. And we can't forget Fish Picture #21 either. I bought some spackling compound at the lumber yard today so progress will commence on it soon. I've been asking after styrofoam packing for a couple weeks now and I hadn't located any so I bought the spackling compound to move forward on it. It must be done no later than August. 

Thunderstorm brewing at sunset.

Same thunderstorm just after dark. 
I like these two pictures of the thunderstorm.

A shot of the yard, looking off into the wheat field north of the house. I see the marijuana crop is growing nicely. I should more likely refer to the wild cannibas growing in the yard as hemp, as smoking it will get you nothing but a whopper of a headache. 

I made paper mache bowls while the birds were being made as well. 

I used magazine cutouts to embellish the bowl inside and out. The bottom of the bowl is an original doodle by me on text from a magazine. That was done in markers.

A close up of the inside of the bowl.
I painted the bowl inside and out with acrylic paint after the paper mache had dried sufficiently. Then the magazine paper was adhered with gloss medium. I wanted the bowl to be shiny. That may have been a mistake, using the gloss medium. It has been well over a week since this bowl was finished and it is still tacky to the touch. It sat on the front porch for two days in the sunshine and even that did not help dry it. One would think 96 degree weather with sunny skies would have done the job.

I did the same treatment to the outside of the bowl with the magazine paper. The stars were punched out keeping in mind a color scheme as I punched out the stars with a hand held star punch. 

I'm really uncertain as to why the gloss medium did not dry. I use pva glue as an adhesive when making these  bowls. 50/50 water and glue. And some kind of paper to form the bowl. Truth be told, any paper is fair game for paper mache. I like to use different colors or even totally different papers for each layer so I'm sure I've covered the whole of whatever I'm making at the time. I didn't think there would be any trouble between the pva glue and the gloss medium but I may be wrong about that. If the bowls, there are three of them, don't dry soon, I'll have to give them another coat of some other kind of varnish so they aren't sticky.
We shall see what happens.

As I said earlier, I did some sewing since the last time I was here.

Party Ellie made from an old sweater, a red purse and scraps of yarn.

Blue Ellie with her sunflower hat. 
She's made from an old sweater too. Both of them have tails made with the braiding disk.

Sitting in front of my computer watching an 18th Century cooking show on youtube. I didn't know I was interested in 18th Century cooking until I watched the first video. Now I do marathons of this stuff. Quite interesting, actually.

I got a new set of pens from Dollar General a couple weeks ago. I decided to break them in by using only the 8 markers that came in that pack to produce my June envie for EAU over at AFA. Link up in the corner... this is the back side.

this is the front.

I'm still working on the 365 Days of Granny Squares. I'm up to over a hundred of the buggers. I decided to start 'sewing' some of them together. They're not really sewn together. They are crocheted together. It's just easier to say sewn together.

I moved that cat three times and three times he was back again before I could snap a picture. So beings he wasn't cooperating... you all get to look at that sweet boy, Moses along with my colorful blanket that is still in pieces. Three pieces at the moment. In the last two days I've crocheted all of the little squares you see along the edge there and some other filler pieces that I don't see in the picture. They're underneath I guess. Most of the squares are different patterns. All are in different colors. I did resort to the simple granny pattern for a number of the squares, but the majority of them are all different. A few of them are patterns I made up on the fly as I was working on the squares themselves. I started this project back in November, if memory serves me correctly. One that I made up as I went is the large square in the upper right corner. When the blanket is done, I'll make my bed and put the blanket on a flat surface before I take its picture. 

I forgot to take a picture of the basket and the bag I crocheted with tulle netting last week. I'll show those off next time if I remember them when that time comes.

That's all I have for now. 
Thanks for sticking it out to the end.
Be kind to one another!
It truly matters!

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