08 July 2017

An art Beginning, Some Scenery, a little of this, a little of that!~

Hello Readers!

What better to do in the throes of a thunderstorm than finish this blog post I started some days ago.
Hopefully the electricity won't go off while I'm sitting here. This storm looks pretty wicked on radar but 15 minutes into it, all it's done is blow and spit rain. It will pour down rain, maybe a little hail with it too, before all is said and done! I do love me a good thunderstorm!!!

Dennis didn't come when I called him, before the storm got here. He showed up at the front door, hollering his fool head off, covered in a fine mist of rain and wanting someone to open the door!  Then he took his sweet old time coming inside because he had to make sure Lola cat wasn't anywhere around. They got into fisticuffs a few days ago. Looked to me like he won that match but he acts like he didn't. He gives Lola a wide berth these days!
I was headed to the back door to shut it when the storm wasn't quite here yet. The wind kicked up in a big hurry. Lola about bowled me over in the laundry room. She was heading in from the back porch.

I hollered for Dennis and Mo when I shut the front door. Mo showed up about two minutes later. Johnny on the spot! Dennis has a mind of his own and doesn't hesitate to use it! They are such silly critters!~

I'm just going to ramble through the pictures that follow. There's a little of everything.

Cows for Mel! 

Bathing Cows

Gathered at the watering hole.

I've no clue. Somewhere in Rooks County Kansas. 

The day lilies bloomed. This is the first year for more than a few blooms. They've been in that same spot for about 15 years. The trees got beat up pretty  bad a couple years ago and we lost some shade. This is the reason the day lilies have decided to start blooming. I miss the morning shade, but the lilies are pretty for a week or two. Day lilies blossoms and buds are edible, I'm told. I've not attempted that myself though.

I really think this tree needs a vignette of a troll at the base of it. This water filled cavity is at the base of said tree in the front yard. There will be no vignette though. This tree must be removed before a huge wind comes along and blows it over....this would not be good. to me, it just looks like trolls should live here.

Wild garlic. Grows in the back yard where the propane tank used to sit before the house burnt 12 years ago. The heart shaped leaves belong to bindweed. A noxious weed. The garlic seems to be strong enough to take the bindweed's crowding. 

I picked a couple of bulbs 4 or 5 days ago and put it a pot of spaghetti. Those bulbs in the picture are garlic sets. You don't eat those. Those drop to the ground and grow into new garlic next year. Each plant has a bulb underground with a few cloves. The two I picked had 4 on one and 6 on the other. It's a lot more mild than the garlic you buy at the grocery store. I suspect it would be quite tasty roasted....it was great in spaghetti.

The wheat field a couple days before they cut it.

The wheat field one day before they cut it.

And the big red combine cutting the wheat field. I was so very thankful the wind was  blowing from the south when this was happening! The last time wheat was harvested out of the field north of the house, the wind blew to the south and all that wheat chaff and dust blew right on the house. I think there may still be remnants of that harvest embedded in the carpet of the livingroom...

I'm going to make a prediction:  Next year farmer man will plant sunflowers.
(I really  REALLY REALLY want sunflowers!) Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm going to have to take the old blue beast out one of these days and locate a sunflower field close to home so I can take some pictures when it comes bloom time. That should happen mid August I think.
I'd love to watch a field of sunflowers from planting the seed to harvest. How cool would that scene be with it covered in bright yellow sunflowers???

I made Toby a dog tag for his collar from a key chain. I have about 500 of these key chains.

The clear part pops apart nicely if you're careful about it.
I put the red mark on there so I knew which way to put it back together again. The halves won't go back together nicely if you don't put them back together the way they popped apart.
The backside of the blue cardstock inside is blank. No need to cut paper to fit inside.

I drew an ugly pink dog in markers on one side and Toby's info on the other. 

The pad cactus bloomed. Five flowers, means I'll get five fruits. I will eat those if the bugs don't beat me to them.

Can you find the big green bug? 
This is the rock garden where the day lilies live. It's not really a rock garden. It's a garden with a ring of rocks around it. That green bug is made of rubber. It's about a foot long. 

This girl went home about two weeks ago. Here she is puttering around Rooks County on the chalk roads in my old blue beast of a car.  He mother said she hasn't gone driving at all since she's been home. I think that is more on her mother than on herself. I didn't have any problems with her not wanting to go driving. Her mother is just not of the right disposition to be guiding her girl when it comes to driving. Some folks aren't cut out for it, I guess.

As I sit here it is now almost a week after I wrote the previous portion of this post so there is a lot more to talk about. 

You can find part 2 in the next post.

Thanks for hanging in to the end!
be kind to one another!
It truly matters!!

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A Mynah Production said...

Have you ever had sunflowers grow in that field near you? That would be super kewl to have right in your won backyard. I love all of the attitudes of your fur babies...the dog tag is so sweet!