30 July 2017

A Plethora Of Projects...Most of them completed

Hello Readers!

It's been awhile since I was here last so you know that will mean a boatload of pictures and a lot of me rambling on about them.

I'm just going to jump right in here and get this madness started!

I got up around 5am on Saturday morning and had this thing made by 7:30 or so. Basket coil style with acrylic nubby yarn over macrame cord. I wish I would have had a light color of that nubby yarn, but I only had burgundy. The black is just regular 4 ply acrylic yarn. This basket is about 12 inches tall, 8 inches across? I'm guessing on the measurements,

Another basket made since I was here last. This one is about 8 inches wide, 5 from front to back and maybe 5 inches tall. Again, I'm making an educated guess. This one is crocheted from tulle netting.

Medium size bag crocheted from three different yarns. It's about 15 inches from the top of the handles to the bottom of the bag, 9 inches wide or so. I am not real crazy about this one. I am glad that fluffy pastel variegated yarn is gone now. this bag is extremely soft to the touch...

Medium sized bag crocheted from tulle netting. This one is about 12 inches from top of handle to bottom of bag, 8 inches wide? I'm itching to drag out the rest of the tulle and make another basket out of this stuff. I have other things to complete before I can do that though.

I finally finished this little cotton thread bag. I started this one back in April when I was last at my son's house. It is 6 inches x 5 inches. The handle is crocheted and sewn to the bag with glass beads accenting the sides. 

Small crocheted wool bag with braided strap. The pink one above has a long handle like this one. 

I made a few bags..... medium granny square bag. each square is 5 inches. This one is crocheted from wool crewel embroidery yarn and the green is 4 ply wool. 

Another granny square bag, medium sized purple and white acrylic yarn. Each square is 5 inches.

This granny square bag is HUGE. It would make an excellent bag to take to the beach cause it will hold a lot of stuff! The squares are 6 inches. Acrylic yarn.

Granny square bag, medium size-squares are 5 inches. Acrylic yarn.

and the last bag in this post.....another granny square bag. This one crocheted from wool 4 ply and wool crewel embroidery yarn. This one has 5 inch squares also.

Crazy Granny Blanket
I showed you all a sneak peek at this blanket the last time I was here. I've since then put a row of double crochet all around the outside edge. I'm rather pleased with the result even though I can see all the booboos and the wonky lines. A good many of these squares are from the 365 Days of Granny Squares Project. The smaller ones are me just winging it, as is the large square at the top. Others are either made up by me, are just simple granny squares or other stitches I already know.

I had about 30 granny squares leftover from the stash of granny squares I began making last November. I will make another granny square blanket when I get enough yarn stock piled so I have a good selection of colors. At the moment, I don't have enough different colors. I do make a granny square every once in awhile and add it to the stash.

I will probably work on the next blanket when it turns cold this winter. I 'sewed' this one together when it was 103 degrees outside. Was a rather warm endeavor so doing it on a cold winter day will be much better!
Stay tuned! There will be another granny square blanket eventually.

I worked on more pages in the Junk Journal...

There is no rhyme or reason to what goes in the junk journal. 

Junk Journals are generally started with nothing but magazine cutouts. Then I draw on top of it, 

glue things on top of things,

doodle with pens, markers, and paint

and the paint pens too.

I'd like to disguise all the faces in the book so you can't tell where they originated.

Most pages still need some work.

there are still a lot of pages that need work in the Junk Journal. These will be sewn into signatures and bound whenever I get done with them. This is an ongoing project. I've been working on it for a few years now.

I taught myself the basics of needle tatting a couple weeks ago. I made a bunch of doodads for FP 21. You'll see its progress in this post.
I have a lot of practice to do with needle tatting before I become anywhere proficient at it! The tatted strings with beads make a good texture for the fish pictures. It's a little of everything....acrylic yarn, cotton string, embroidery thread, ect.

I've also been making paper mache bowls.

There are two bowls in this picture. The large green one is sitting atop a smaller black one. These two are painted with acrylics.

This one still needs a few more layers of paper added. It's kinda flimsy at this point. I use whatever paper is handy. The outside is newsprint and the inside is a layer of painted newsprint. This one is 7 inches across the top.

Two small bowls. The bottom one you all already saw some posts back. It has a sun in the bottom of it. The polka dotted one is green, brushed with gold on the inside. These two are about 4 inches across the top.

Two more bowls in the works. The top one is 7 inches across and the bottom one is 8,5 inches across the top. I used a crock cereal bowl lined with tinfoil for the 7 inch bowl. And I used a ceramic mixing bowl lined with plastic wrap for the larger bowl. These need a few more layers before I take them off the molds. Yeah and there's me in the mirror behind the desk. That mirror is there so I can see down the hallway behind me. Not that I can see a whole lot when it is dark outside. The hallway is dark as can be!

I did a little bit of drawing last weekend.
Post card. Markers on drawing paper. the circle the bird is drawn on was a separate piece of paper. I glued it on and then drew the lines with markers. It needs a backing. It too is a tad flimsy for a post card.

Post card
Paint and collage on drawing paper. I free-handed the 
Chinese symbol for elephant. Not real crazy about this one either.

and now to FP 21

12 x 12 inches.  It's coming along. I intend to do some more to it tonight. I have adhered the tatted pieces in place and added some spackling compound to the bottom edge for rocks and painted it all green and blueish. There will be another layer put on the rock shelf and a few fishes here and there before it is done. What color do you all think the fishes should be? I haven't really thought the fishes through yet. 

A close up of the tattings 

A close up of the upper background.
Still much to do with FP21 and only a couple weeks to get it done.

Something that won't be getting done anytime soon are the paper mache birds. I've given them all legs and painted some of them.

A few of them still need wings and legs. I know there nine of them when I began this project weeks ago. I found all but one of them....A cat stole off with a few of them one day and I found them scattered in the kitchen under the table. I've no clue where the other one got off to.
The butterfly in the bowl with the birds WAS on the fridge the day before yesterday. I found it laying on the other side of the kitchen a few hours ago. Another victim to the cat. 

I must put the paper mache--birds and bowls--on hold till after September. None of them are pressing at this time and that's OK. I have tons of other art projects that are pressing and I must get those done before Fair season begins. All of it must be done no later than the end of the second week in August. That ain't very long from now!

So this is the extent of what Donna has been up to since the last post...

All the fur kids are fine!
I gave the turtle away this morning to a 14 year old boy and his mother this morning. I am sure he's in good hands.

Thanks for hanging to the end!
Be kind to one another!
It matters!

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