13 March 2010

Little Bit of Art & Some Rambling From Me

Here's some art:

August's Promise
11 March 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.
This one was actually drawn a few weeks ago and colored in on the 11th.

If Dogs Could Talk...
12 March 2010
365 Project #71
Collage- herringbone background technique done with phone book pages, stickers, words from a magazine and hand drawn dog colored with crayons and then the crayons were heated with the iron.

12 March 2010
Collage- herringbone technique background done with vintage text pages---a cowboy novel, i think. The picture of Ben Franklin came from an ad from my ISP, the other money images from 'somewhere'. The coffee beans image came in junk mail. My reasoning behind this one is unclear to even myself. I guess my subconscience (or maybe just my muse?) were thinking caution in money matters is a good idea and too much coffee really isn't good for you so caution is a necessity. This really makes no sense though cause I throw caution to the wind more often than not.

Have Them All
12 March 2010
365 Project #72
Collage- Herringbone technique done in phone book pages, random images from a medical journal, a scrap recycling industry magazine, a children's reading text book, and junk mail trying to sell me a gardening book. This one eludes me as to its meaning as well. That bird looks pissed about something and I guess he's just fed up and ready to just let them have it all and he'll start over again.

I've been kinda blah lately for a number of reasons. None of which are really important but still affect me in ways I wish they wouldn't. And then there are the reasons that I have no control over...can't stop Mother Nature from her course! I have a terrible headcold to top it all off and I'm just really not fit to be around folks. If for no other reason than to NOT give them this nasty headcold!

I did go see an old friend yesterday though. I sure hope he doesn't catch what I've got. It's not like I kissed him or anything like that....I did get a couple hugs though! Was good to see the boy! Hadn't seen him since August .... that's really a shame too cause he lives right down the road from me. I drive by his apartment every single time I go to town! There was no good reason for not having seen him for so long.
We had a good time catching up... I didn't get home till 1 a.m.
He told me not to be a stranger any longer. I will take that advice and go see him more often.

I thought my drawing muse had abandoned me when I started making Bottle Cap Kids. I couldn't get my fingers to draw worth a damn! You all saw the drawings on the collage cards in this post and the previous one! They aren't very good drawings! They do their job with the collages, but they really are not very good drawings and I would be kidding myself if I tried to convince anyone otherwise! Well, the drawing muse is slowly returning. I drew four ATCs today that you all will see tomorrow. I've also been working on some more collage ATCs.

I'd really like to show you all how that herringbone technique is done. The tutorial I saw to learn it, used scrapbooking papers but I don't use a lot of scrapbooking anything so I substitued book pages, maps and the like. It is so darn easy to do! And there are so many things you could do additionally to it too. I just slapped collage images overtop but you could paint it up, paint it down...add glitter, shimmering mists...whatever.  I'll see if I can find that tutorial again...or maybe I'll make one of my own. We shall see.

Well, I got some hugs so maybe you should go get some too!
They sure feel good, coming and going!

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