12 March 2010

No Art.....just Little Miss Annabel and a dog's trip to the lake

there will be art in the next post. I just haven't scanned everything and that is not going to happen till tomorrow, I'm afraid. I need a bath and my warm bed.
The Kids were here from Wednesday to Thursday. I got to waller this youngun for hours on end!!! She's grown so much since the last time I saw her! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. How she can be so cute and look more like her daddy than her mama is beyond me! Not that RJ is a bad looking kid, he's not, he's just not as pretty as his daughter!
This black dog below is a wonder to that little girl. She was quite enamoured of the kitten as well. Fred had to wash her face every chance he got, or her hands which she would hide from the dog whenever he came near her! She'd scrunch up her little face in anticipation of the dog tongue sure to come. We usually headed Fred off with a verbal, 'No licking the baby, Fred!' and he would TRY to comply but every once in awhile he'd get a lick in. But a little dog slobber never hurt anyone!
We had a good visit. RJ will be back alone this weekend. He has some things he has to collect to take home with him.
On the 9th Sam and I took Fred to the State Fishing Lake out southwest of town. It was only in the low 50s that day and raining off and on. Fred took a swim nonetheless. Can't keep a water dog out of the water if you take him to it! He's going to get wet!
Sam and I were both wearing heavy jackets that day. It was by no means warm out!
There he goes, down the boat ramp....
out into open water past the dock. And he kept going, farther and farther out in the water. I had to call him back three times before he decided it might be a good idea to not go out quite so far.

My picture taking skills that day were not the best I've ever done. We went all around the lake but most of the pictures are not worth showing you as they suck. Let's just suffice to say the lake is pretty any time of the year and I'm sure to get a decent photo or two some other time.
We have left the state fishing lake and are heading back to town. The dog is in the back of the truck and the rain is coming down.
The road was a little soupy in spots as well.
Hey! Look! There's the goats in the pasture that butts up to the highway just south of town. Those goats escape sometimes and are a hazard on the highway. I was surprised to find a picture of the goats when I downloaded the pictures I had taken that day.
I was sitting in the passengers seat, not really aiming the camera at anything in particular, while Sam drove.
This one surprised me even more! Great shot of an unknown person driving down the highway at 60-65 mph! Would have been a better shot had it been a different car...that one isn't very pretty.
And here's my sister's boyfriend's oil well just outside of town on the river road. I think I took about 60 pictures in the (roughly) six mile journey from the state fishing lake to my house. Of those taken, only about half of them are worth looking at twice. That's what I love about a digital camera, you can take as many pictures as you want and see them 'instantly' and do away with the duds right off the bat!
You all won't be seeing all the ones I kept though. Never will you see all the pictures kept from a camera session. Takes way too long to make them smaller.
This concludes our picture trip for the day.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Go get some hugs cause days without hugs just aren't quite right!

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