08 August 2011

ATCs and other art

Hello Everyone!

I've been busy on the art front. A little bit of drawing. A little bit of wire work. A little bit of sewing. I've also been painting but the paper mache box didn't get its picture taken for this post. I forgot about it till just now.
I have wings for angel dotees drying over on the painting table that will be attached to the dozen or so dotee bodies in the sewing box waiting to come to 'life'.

All of the stuff below was created since the last post. 

Elephant Fingerprint Drawing 
markers and stamp pad ink on cardstock
My thumbprint.

Greetings  Earthlings
markers on cardstock
This was SUPPOSED to be a drawing of a little boy with his soccer medal, but it didn't quite work out looking anything like that little boy! So, a change of title was in order!

markers on cardstock

Yolks in Bloom
markers on cardstock

Evelyn's Fish Picture
8x8 mixed media canvas
You all saw the goldfish in the last post. I finished this about 15 minutes before I gave it to Evelyn for her birthday on the 31st of July. There are a few things attached to that canvas. The canvas itself is a heavy chipboard box, 8x8x1.5 inches. It started life as a print of some abstract flowers. A home decor item. I put dictionary pages all over the flowers and painted them gold. That really doesn't matter though cause you can't see that anyway. I covered the whole front with a thin layer of joint compound/spackling compound, some blue glitter glue,  and a bit of blue acrylic paint. Before the joint compound dried I stuck different novelty yarns on and a layer of painted paper that had been crumpled to resemble rocks. There is palm tree bark, polished stones, gorilla glue and ironed easter grass on there too. The last layer at the bottom is another layer of painted paper, crumpled and painted with more acrylic paint.
Evelyn was absolutely thrilled with the gift!
I'll be entering this one in the county fair. That happens next week.

I sewed a couple of books.

Miniature ABC  Book
2x1.5 inches
you all saw the pages of this book in a previous post some time back. The entire English alphabet, 0-9 in numbers and a few basic shapes make up the contents of this book. Orchard paper with the characters rendered in markers.
The covers are part of an old Scrabble gameboard with orchard paper glued atop and markers used to make the design. Sewn in coptic stitch.

Butterfly Rub-On Book
This one is a bit plain if you ask me. I might add some drawing to this one. The dimensions are approx. 3.5x5 inches. It has day planner pages. I had a whole 2008 refill calendar and used it for the 8 signatures sewn into this little book. The lines go the 'wrong' way, but it's a notebook for scratching lists and what have you...shouldn't matter which way the pages go? That's my thinking at any rate.

ATCs were made as well. Wish I could show you all a phenomenal drawing on an ATC but I didn't do any masterpieces unfortunately! You all get to see the good with the bad. If I made it, you see it!

The Bartender
pencil on cardstock

I have a new project in the works. This is the first drawing for a calendar. I'm doing this in conjunction with my friend, Cory. Will be some time before the calendar is finished. The days are blank cause we haven't given ourselves a deadline. We don't know what year we are making the calendar for. Will it happen in 2012 or 2013? Your guess is as good as ours.

Then I went a tad nuts with semi precious stone beads and stainless steel wire yesterday.
These things could be suncatchers hung in a window, tree ornaments for Christmas, pendants or perhaps hung from a rear view mirror? I'm really not sure what to call them. None of them are more than 5 inches long. 

amythyst and some sort of green stone
For size comparison: the cup hook is a half inch.

Snowman Fingerprint Drawing
markers and stamp ink on cardstock
Not sure why, when I added the ATCs in one chunk, they are showing up nilly willy all over the post.

amythyst stone
the copper hook is about 1.25 inches for size comparison.

amythyst stone on the bottom 
that top stone is either a carneilan or red jasper, not sure

top stone is picture jasper, faceted stone
bottom one is a malachite (I think)

top stone is similar to a picture jasper but I'm uncertain what it is
the blue stone is a turquoise
purple one is an amythyst

all three of these stones are green 
I'm not sure what any of them are....maybe jade, malachite, and ???? I really don't know.

top stone is a clear quartz
bottom one is either carnelian or red jasper I think

top stone is a clear quartz
bottom one is turquoise

top stone is green, jade perhaps?
middle stone is amythyst as is the bottom one as well

this stone is a nice butter color....beautiful stone...I've no clue what the heck it is

top stone is a dark purple, not amythyst, but I don't know what it is
middle stone is green
bottom on shades of brown

amythyst stone

I sewed more dotees too.

Flapper dotee
she has embroidery thread hair, wooden beads for eyes, purple chain danglies and plastic sequins all over her body. She looks like a sad flapper with the print of the fabric on her face giving her a frown. I didn't notice that till after I took her picture.

Short  Squat Dotee
She's made from the same fleece as the Flapper. She has cotton string hair, wooden beads for eyes, purple chain for danglies, a jade donut bead and plastic sequins on her body. She's about 2.5 inches tall not counting her hair and dangiles in the measuring.

Walnut Basket Striped Dotee
He has cotton string hair, metal cap beads for eyes, metal bathtub chain for danglies and carved walnut shell basket on his tummy.

On Saturday I went to a yard sale where I found a boatload of felt for $2.  I went on an internet search to see what the heck I could make with those 100 or more sheets of all different colors of felt. I found a few things that I saved to My Favorites. After the search, I made some cat toys.

Catnip Mice
Felt, crewel embroidery thread, tiny rick rack and fiberfilling. 
I had some help in making these guys. Not the kind of help I would have liked! :)  When I was making the first one, the cats discovered I had catnip! They both ganged up on me as I sat on my bed with mice parts scattered about. I gave them their own pile of catnip on the floor to gang up on instead of me! I had to hide the mice from them after they were done. I made a yellow mouse also but I gave it to my sister for her kitties and didn't take a picture of it.

There are lots of ideas bouncing around in my head these days! 
I still have dotee bodies needing some attention to bring them to 'life'. 
There are lots more catnip mice to make!
I have an octopus that needs to be finished. I started that painting months ago!
There's the canvas on the easel that hasn't talked to me in months.
I really want to make some more paper mache and see what happens on that front!
I think an animal needs to be made.
Perhaps an elephant?

When anything happens on the art front, you all will see it!

Be good to one another! It matters!

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