26 August 2011

A Little Bit of Art and a Birthday Bash!

Hello Everyone!
I've been busy with some art projects. 

Altered Coffee Cup Sleeves
Side 1

Altered Coffee Cup Sleeves 
Side 2
All four of these are drawings done in markers on tyvek and then glued to a regular paperboard coffee sleeve you'd pick up at the quicky mart on your morning commute. They are for a swap over at AFA. The link's still up there in the lefthand corner.

Then I went on another monster kick. The Birthday Bash monsters were a total success but there should have been five of them, not four. Poor Christian got left out. I forgot he is sometimes there as my dil babysits for him. I've yet to make Christian's monster cause he wants a monster with only eye. 
This is the Ugly Beige Cashmere Monster. I wasn't quite done sewing his eyes on when I took the picture. They're done now though.

Red Sweater Monster
This guy got bigger and bigger as I stuffed him and his shape got distorted a lot! I have to remember when cutting the monster shapes from this particular sweater to make the body portion much longer.

There will be more monster to come. Promise!

I worked on this here canvas for a couple of days. Lots of stuff to dry in layers so it takes a couple of days to complete one of these mixed media pictures even though it is only about 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall. They usually have a fish on them somewhere but all the fishes left this vicinity.

I promised you a birthday bash in the title so here goes!

Annie's Birthday Cake
Unfortunately the pictures are not in any kind of order so the birthday girl doesn't appear till a bit farther down the roster.

Annie's brother, Brenton.

Annies' friend, Bailey.

Annie's friend, Christian.
(yes, that's a little boy in a tiara! Don't hate! He was adorable and so very innocent about the tiara.)

Annie's friend and Baily's sister, Sassy.

Annie's great aunt in the background and her cousin Allison in the foreground. I can never figure out what cousin they are though. Allison is my neice and I am Annie's grandma.

Everyone gathering around for the cutting of the cake.

Annie and her daddy, Ronnie.

Contemplating the sucker gotten from the pinata  you all haven't seen yet!

There's the pinata! Annie's taking her first hit at it.
This little girl LOVES shoes. She cares not whose shoes they are. She's like a puppy when it comes to shoes. If they are not out of sight, they are not out of mind. She will take them, wear them and lose one of them! 

There's mom and dad looking on little 2 yr old Annie and her quest to get what's inside the giant flipflop.

Here's the birthday girl hiding her face after we all sang happy birthday to her. 

There's the birthday girl!

This is the best picture I have ever taken of Annie! She's waving goodbye to folks who were leaving her party.

Here is Annie and Jethro, the stray dog that showed up the day before her birthday.
The birthday party was a total success.
All the younguns loved their monsters!
Annie sent her monster swimming in that swimming pool you see in the pictures. Good thing I made all the monsters washable!

On my way home I came across this field of sunflowers over by Plainville. I had to stop and take a few pictures. Here are the best two. 

This is taken in Ellis, Kansas. I went there with my sister, my mother and Evelyn to retrieve a baby bassinet my sister had bought. It was storming and the sky was just beautiful! It really was close to this color at the time I took this picture. The storms weren't considered severe, just wild. 

Was a nice drive in the rain. Well, it was a ride for me, I didn't drive. My sister did.

I took this picture of Fred before we left to go to Ellis to get the bassinet.

It wasn't storming here.

And just because  you all haven't seen Miss Lola for awhile... she has taken up sleeping on the kitchen counter. I was surprised to find her on the west counter instead on the east, lounging among the clean dishes in the dish rack. I don't know how it can be comfy to sleep on the hard old countertop when she's a perfectly good bed with tons of pillows to get comfy on in the next room over.

She's got that wild eye again.

You all be good to one another! 

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soulbrush said...

what an adorable little cutie pie. Happy boifday Annie lovely girl.