31 August 2011

Just a Test

I've had this blog for a few years now and have just discovered that if you click on the pictures, it will take you to a larger version of said picture. All this time I've been downsizing ALL the pictures I've added here cause I thought they HAD to be downsized....just discovered a way to save myself a boatload of time and give you all better pictures to look at!

If you click on the picture above, the scenery is so much nicer!
Coming up on Wilson Lake from the south on Hwy 232 in Kansas. That's the scenic route! No. Really, it IS the scenic route. There are signs along the road that designate it such. 
And it is very pretty along that 20 miles stretch of highway!
That's not Wilson Lake in that picture. That's just a farm pond. There are usually cattle around that pond. The lake proper is up around the bend a ways.

Unfortunately you aren't going to get to see the lake cause I drove right by it without taking a single picture on this trip. But here's another shot of that little farm pond.

Some trees along the highway between Lake Wilson and home. I'm thinking somewhere over by Waldo.

Sunflower field. I showed you this picture in its downsized version in the birthday bash post. This one is full size. Give it a click.

Another shot of the sunflowers.

And still another shot.

I stood up on the running board of the van to take this picture. I had to take a few shots cause I couldn't see the viewfinder on the camera from the angle I chose.

I don't have any art to show you all. Nothing's had its picture taken and I've not created any new art since the last post so no art in this post. Sorry if you're disappointed. I promise there will be more art, soon.

You all be good to one another!

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