03 December 2011

ornament project recap and it snowed!

I took this picture about 8 hours ago. It's cold, snowy and not fit for man nor beast out there in my neck of the woods today! I think it is still snowing! 
One should be able to see the tree line across the field behind the house, but it was snowing quite heavily this morning and that tree line is nowhere to be seen in that picture I took!

I've been busy today with my list of things to do....
I thought I'd do another ornament recap mostly so I can see what's done and what still needs done to finish this project! 
Things are coming along nicely though.....

I have 21 of these little book ornaments done.
I had 22 of them but I gave one to Brenton while I was down visiting the kids in Nickerson.

There are 38 Angels ready for new homes.

There are 15 of these beaded wire dangly things. I still need to make one more.

I made 53 of these tufted paper balls. That gives me more than enough of these for the ornament project. I figure I'll hang on to the leftovers and try to sell them come September. I have plans to do the craft show over in Lucas in September of 2012.

Unfinished elf slippers. I have one more pair of slippers to sew and all of these to put the sequins and beads on. All of the slippers need their jingle bells sewn on the toes still.

There are 14 Paper Flower Balls hanging here. I need another 2 of them for the ornament project. I have enough paper cones folded to assemble at least two more. If there are leftovers, they will be slated for the craft show as well.

I made 32 of these. I'm pretty sure all of these will be gone and none will be left over for the craft show as I plan on sending these out with Christmas cards to folks who aren't getting a set of ornaments.
Good thing about the map wreaths is they are extremely easy to make and one can make a bunch of them in a short time!

I painted birds this morning. Here they are with their first coat of paint. They still look like this! Tomorrow they get some color....actually  tomorrow, they should be finished!
I've decided these birds will not be getting legs. I'm going to put an eye hook in them and hang them.

I made 23 of these Polish Stars for the ornament project.
I'll be making more of these before September comes along! I want to make some different colored ones!

There are 27 Red Flower Ornaments for the Project. And 7 more that can be put together as soon as I paint some more leaves for them. They'll be considered leftovers for the craft show in September as well.

Star Ornaments in the works!
Need to figure out how to make these things lay flat! They need some color in the guise of glitter paint and a button in their centers!

I've seen quite a few things made with cardboard tubes so the hard part is going to be deciding just what to do with them all! I'll keep collecting them for future use! 

I just numbered the pictures and realize I have only 11 ornaments pictured. I can't find the gallon can full of inchie cubes I made earlier this year. They were to be a part of the ornament project. If I can't locate them in the next few days, the snowman hats are my standby! I'm hoping to find the can of inchie cubes!

That's all I have to report today!
Keep your smiles through the hectic chaos that is the Christmas Season!
Be good to one another! It truly does matter!
Peace, my friends!

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soulbrush said...

all beeeoootiful. do your family all get homemade gifts for xmas? lucky them!