01 December 2011

Musings of a 2 Yr Old!

I've been away for the last 8 days visiting my eldest son and his family. I did work on the ornament project while away. Got quite a bit done on that front actually. Perhaps in the next few days I'll have time to download the pictures I've taken to show the progress made.
I took very few pictures while away. I had a great time with the kids though! I learned a few things from my 2 yr old granddaughter, Lil A.

Shoes are a girl's best friend and it really doesn't matter whose shoes they might be! She stole mine the second night I was there. Her daddy had to chase her down to retrieve his shoes from her when it was time for him to go to work yesterday.

Big Black dogs are good pals! They like hugs, kisses and being brushed by little girls.
Big Black dogs are not ticklish. Fred got a bunch of hugs and kisses from Lil A every day we were there. And every morning while Fred lay out on the carpet in the livingroom she would put her little fingers in his arm pits and say 'tickle, tickle, tickle, Fred. Fred, tickle, tickle, tickle.' and then she'd look at me and say, 'Why Fred no tickle?'

Fred sneaking a taste of Annabel! He knows dog kisses are not allowed but he could have cared less about that rule when the pair of them were close to each other!

Ewwwww! Dog Kisses!!!!

I was quite impressed with ol' Fred's tolerance and gentle nature towards her. She lay atop him on the floor quite a few times and he just took it all in stride. He was a hurting dog when we got there on Tuesday night (the vehicle we rode in was high off the ground and he don't jump so well these days...we had a few tense and painful moments for Fred on two occasions) yet on Wednesday morning she started the tickling routine and that dog could have cared less. He'd get a dog kiss in every now again and he was happy. Dog kisses aren't allowed but he really didn't care about that rule where Lil A was concerned. And she didn't mind too much either. It's his tail she learned quickly to stay away from!

I learned I am not equipped to sufficiently look after a 2 yr old on my own. They are BUSY little beings!  I did do a reasonable job of keeping her from underfoot when Thanksgiving dinner was being made. She don't sit still for long but I had her 'folding' papers with me when I worked on the Paper Flower Ornaments. She'd get through wadding up four or five squares and she was ready to do something else. We had drawing paper scattered out too so she'd 'fold' papers and then color a bit and then she wanted the scissors and then she was off roaming the house talking to everyone. She's a little talker no doubt about that!

Big Black dogs will eat as many dog bones as a 2 yr old can get away with shelling out!

Dog brushes belong in the refrigerator. Thankfully it wasn't the real fridge, but her play kitchen's fridge. She stole my hair clippy the same night she stole my shoes. I found my clippy in the fridge with the dog brush. I don't know how many times I asked her where Grandma's hair clippy was. I found it purely by accident! Thought it was long gone!

She wouldn't tell me where my shoes were for almost 36 hours, but she told me just where that dog brush was the first time I asked!

Do not pass gas anywhere near other people when you have a 2 yr old in tow. Everyone within earshot will be privvy to it and under no uncertain terms know that Grandma farted! This makes me feel incredibly old despite having only 50 years behind me! I smile about it though. It was the biggest laugh I've had this year!

RJ and I took Lil A to Salina with us on Saturday to go shopping. I am not fond of shopping in the least! We did OK though cause RJ isn't a big fan of shopping either. He's a man shopper....likes to make a quick run through...find what he's looking for and don't dilly dally around. My old body can't abide that dilly dallying anyway so it all worked OK and I got a bit of Christmas shopping in. I'm pretty much DONE with shopping! I still need to find Ma something special, but other than that....I'm good to go!
Just need to wrap all that stuff in the closet!

Found myself a few things while out shopping. I robbed my piggy bank for this shopping spree. I figured I was due a few needed items out of that stash! I got a pen torch for $1 and a few things from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. Found that glue I needed too! I really wanted a bottle of gesso but for some reason there must of been a run on gesso at Hobby Lobby cause both stores I went to were out of it! Found some copper coated steel pins for $1. Must be close to 200 of them in those two packages...not sure what I'm gonna do with them, but you can bet that pen torch and a pair of vice grips will be involved! I'm thinking sculpture of some sort!
My sister's flamingo got a broken leg on the trip home. Gonna have to make it some new legs. Luckily the flamingo himself didn't get broke. He's made of glass, wouldn't be able to fix him. His legs are simply acrylic beads shaped like flamingo legs. How hard can it be to build him a new pair?
I haven't actually unpacked all my bags yet. My bed is still covered with bags of stuff after being home for about four hours! I did unpack part of it though.
I don't think there will be any pictures today. I still have a ways to go with the ornament project but I have 24 days to accomplish that and I have a plan in motion so all should go rather smoothly on that front.
I folded cones for the flower ornaments and sewed 8 pairs of elf slippers in the eight days I was gone so I truly did get somethings done. Can't say for sure when I'll post again. Soon though. I need to keep track of what's done and what's not done with the project.
Right now though, I'm gonna clean off my bed, take a shower and climb between those clean sheets!
Be good to one another! Give out some kisses today! Make hugs the bonus!

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