10 December 2011

Something New and More Progress

Hello Readers!

I really like to fold paper! Origami is a great project regardless what you undertake to fold your piece of paper into! 
I'd never made paper cranes till the night before last. I really can't say I've made a paper crane still! 
I found a tutorial to fold cranes out of clear plastic like you'd find stickers and paper and all kinds of things packaged in. 
It's a bit harder to fold than actual paper is but it works! And I LOVE the results! 

 It looks like glass when in hand! I hung it with a piece of 6lb test fishing line so the hanger pretty much disappears and the crane looks like it's floating! This is the only one I made. What fun though and I will certainly be making more of these!
This one is about 3 inches from nose to tail. The hardest part about this project was cutting the plastic into an even square! I cut my square about 4x4 inches. Bigger would have been easier to fold. I've no clue what my plastic came from. There are different thicknesses of it. I think mine is a bit thin cause the crane's head doesn't want to stay folded. I think if the plastic were a hair thicker the creases would be firmer and they wouldn't come apart.
I love how the crane's shadow is on the ceiling behind in it in the picture!

Progress has been made on the ornament project!
Paper mache birds now have some color to them other than that drab brown I showed you all last time!
I'm not happy with these birds! I think they are ugly! But...that isn't for me to decide! I just keep the muse happy and make what she's tell me to! 
They aren't awful birds, just not near as cute as the first batch! I wasn't happy with the second batch either and others just raved about how cute they are!
So, not for me to decide!

I still have one more pair of elf slippers to sew together and add sequins and bead to. These are the finished ones of the bunch. Jingle bells attached! Those jingle bells are a pain in the butt! But they do add to the little slippers a lot! Glad Ma thought that idea up! I still have 16 jingle bells to attach!

Flowers balls are all put together!
(I am sick of making flower balls!)
These aren't quite done. Tomorrow they will get a spray of gold paint to give them some sparkle. Perhaps a bit of glitter will end up on them as well. Work in progress, plans subject to change!

Snowman hats are in the works!

21 of the little devils
I really didn't see these snowman hats materializing this evening. But there they are! I sometimes surprise myself! They still need a coat of black paint on the outside before we can continue on to prettying them up with some ribbon for a hat band and a little flower of some sort. Not all of them will have the same flower. 
I'm still figuring out what to use for a hat band....seam binding? ribbon? upholstery material? I'm uncertain at this point. 

I found the can of inchie cubes! I said I wasn't making snowman hats if that happened, but I'm taking the beaded dangly things out of the project and using the inchie cubes instead. 

 And here's the basket of angels all ready to go! There's 38 angels to work with!

The ornament project IS coming along nicely!
I only wish I had taken more pictures along the way. And I really wish I'd of started a whole lot sooner in the year! Next ornament project I undertake will be started in Janurary! Maybe February....I already have a project in the works that will take all of January to complete. 
I'm only in the 'gathering phase' at the moment with that project. When it starts to come alive, I'll share with you all!
There may not be an actual ornament project in 2012.  
As I said, 'plans subject to change!'

The Ornaments Thus Far:
Polish Stars
Flower Balls
Inchie Cubes
Red Flowers
Map Wreaths
Paper Mache Birds
Snowman Hats
Little Books
Russian Stars
Tufted Paper Balls
Elf Slippers

I have 10 days to get it all done.......

This Lola cat sometimes sits in the deskroom and watches me type on the keyboard. She sits atop the printer most of the time. She's sitting on the antique green stool in this picture. I'm showing her off cause this is one of the better pictures I've ever taken of Lola! a.k.a. Brat Cat

And this is what Fred does best! He stole my chair in the living room earlier this evening. I had just finished cutting out all the components for the snowman hats and went to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat when he decided the sofa wasn't near as comfy as my chair. I let him warm it up for me for about an hour and then he acted like I had upset his routine something fierce! Lazy dog! He is so funny though, one can't help but love him! 
I don't know where Billy was when I was taking pictures so he didn't get his picture taken today. That probably doesn't hurt his feelings in the least! He doesn't mind his picture being taken but after the first one he  usually closes his eyes in anticipation of the flash. He was probably sound asleep on my bed at the time.

Present wrapping has come to a standstill. 
I must remedy that situation or I'll have a frantic day of wrapping everything and I hate it when that happens as it does most every Christmas! 

Last year I baked over 100 dozen cookies. I was still baking cookies two days before Christmas! 
I said 'never again'. 
No baking at all this year! 
Though I may make a nice cake for my friends in town. 

I'm done rambling for today....
Be good to one another! It matters!
Peace, my friends!

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