03 May 2013

Altered Envelopes, A Basket and some WIPs

Hello Readers!

Altered envelope front. I showed you all this one last time without the blue watercolor added to the background. I sent this one off to Brazil.

Altered envelope front.
Markers on Tyvek. This is a very large envelope! 12x15 inches.

altered envelope backside
markers on tyvek

altered envelope
markers on tyvek
another large tyvek envie

coiled rope mug rug

No clue how many origami cranes there are here. I folded a few more yesterday that are not in this picture.

Party Dino

Kid's toy dinosaur made of a rubber-like material. I painted the dino white in preparation of making him more party friendly.
Dino will return another day, another critter altogether!

5.5 inch macrame cord and crochet cotton thread basket

some half done pages for the cereal box book
part of a presentation folder-it's made of cardstock with magazine cutouts and tyvek with zentangles done in marker

magazine pages with zentangles done in marker

Zentangles on tyvek

Fingernail polish marbling on part of a presentation folder

fingernail polish marbling on painted newspaper

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Be good to one another!
It matters!

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soulbrush said...

Love them all specially the little dinosaur. You are so prolific and so busy and it always looks like so much fun. Hugs to you and a happy weekend pal. xx