03 September 2013

Three Days of Drawings and Other Dalliances

Hello Readers!

I just updated the notebook where I keep track of these things I make. As of the first of January 2013 I have made 400 things. I've actually made many more than that but I don't always count individual things. I made 26 magnets yesterday that will be counted as only 1 thing. There's no method to the madness. Really there isn't. I mention the 400 things made because it's a milestone. 
Last year the grand total for the whole year was 738. I will have to stay busy to come close to that total this year!

There was an ATART going on for the Labor Day Weekend over at AFA (there's a link over on the sidebar) from Friday 12am till Monday 12pm. That means there's still three hours left of the marathon art making extravganza~! I won't be drawing anymore tonight but I will be trolling the galleries to find me some trades before Tuesday is done!

I started drawing before Friday 12am with the last ATC I showed you all in the last post. A beach scene. I've covered the spectrum in subject matter these past few days. Everything from purple snails to cats washing. I added a good number to my total thus far this year.


All are done in markers on cardstock except where otherwise noted. Also, all of these are ATCs.

Blue Frog

Brummerler Cells

Eckhardt Cells


Green Eye

Zombie Frank

Clown Fish

Eye Orange

Orange Fishes
paint sample with sharpie and paint pen

orange tulips

I went through a few hours of an orange fetish.

paint sample with paint pen

red fish
paint sample with silver paint pen

white goose

sleeping in the purple chair


mermaid margaret

orange wildflowers

another sunrise

black and white owl

brown owl

sitting in the pink chair

box elder bug

red spider

green witch

red moon

one green eye

sleeping in the blue room

washing in the blue room

white cat
paint sample with paint pen

I drew this cat out on the paint sample with a lead pencil and then went over it with a black marker. I always erase my pencil lines and when I did that here, the marker erased right along with the pencil marks. It was very strange. So beings you could still see (kinda) where I had drawn the critter, I just went over it with white paint pen. It's not the best cat I've ever drawn.

fancy dress

september sunset

washing on the yellow carpet

green turtle
recycled chipboard 

This was my last entry to the athon this morning. Someone had requested a flamingo proudly displayed in my gallery as available. I forgot to take it away when it traded so before I had coffee I whipped this one out! It turned out rather nicely for being half awake when I did it!

purple snail

I promised you all at least one more paper bowl. 

I'm not sure it is actually done yet. I used one of my glass soup bowls for a mold. It's about 6 inches across. I didn't measure it. I think it needs something more than just a coat of metallic blue paint. 

The 26 magnets I was talking about earlier. I didn't actually MAKE these this weekend. I FINISHED them this weekend. I put magnets on the backsides of them. I showed you all these awhile back.....couple months back.
I gave one of the smilie face ones to my sister as a peace offering the other day. It worked like a charm! ;)

Cardboard Owl Magnets
Again I did not MAKE these this weekend. You all did see some like these, but not these particular ones. They all look very much alike! These are the first pictures of these three though. I FINISHED them by attaching a magnet to the back. One of them will be making a journey to Indonesia in a few days.

More fabric flower magnets. Three of these I finished this weekend by adding a magnet. One of them, I made from previously cut parts. I made a boatload of these things! And didn't put a dent in the stack of upholstery and drapery sample fabrics I have. 

Again, I did not make these, only finished by putting a magnet on the backside. 

I worked on some altered keys for a swap. I don't know if I like these or not. They haven't yelled at me lately. They NEED something but damned if I know what that something is....

I now have a new windsock hanging from the pole on the front porch. A new windsock was needed as the old one was in tatters and quite unfunctional. I had to cut it off the pole with a pair of scissors, that's how tangled and tattered it was! I sewed this one by hand so I doubt it will last through too many months of the Kansas wind. It is unbleached muslin colored with oil pastels. About 20 inches long. Took me maybe an hour from start to finish to make it. 

I worked on a couple of pages in one of the junk journals this afternoon. RW always comes to my house to catch a ride to work. He leaves his car here. He drew a map of North Dakota and Kansas in my junk journal to illustrate where oil wells have been drilled in each state. We were talking about such and sometimes a picture is easier than trying to explain it all. That's how the maps came about. I drew a zentangle around the maps and RW thought I had lost my mind, I think. Doesn't matter. The maps became a part of the art. He just does not realize that.
On the other pages I just glued some images randomly. Randomly, cause that's how I roll with the junk journals. They make no sense to me, I'm sure they can't make sense to others!

That's all I've been up to for the last three days. Will probably take a bit of a break from drawing but other things will be made. Count on it! 

Thanks for comin' 'round!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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