10 December 2008

Naveen Andrews in Pencil and A Lost Post

Hello Good People!

I did indeed lose a post yesterday. Thanks to that son of mine! He wanted to get on the pc when he got here and I said to him: "Open a new page!" He didn't. He went to another page from the page where I write my commentary to post it on this blog. All was lost! Not to worry though! :) I'll just start over today.

There is Naveen Andrews at the beginning of the post. I tried to show you that pencil drawing yesterday but you already know the story of why that didn't happen. This drawing used to be about 5 by 9 inches or so...I cut it down to ATC size a few months ago and traded it off for another ATC. I like to do pencil drawings of people but I know there is a lot of room for improvement in my portraits of others as well.

I'll be painting later this afternoon. I have another book to finish as well. Just need to punch holes in the blank paper that will be the body of the book and then bind it. The covers are already done.

I have been dog sitting for Pug since yesterday. Her people went off to Hutchinson and they asked me to keep an eye on her. She's a good little dog and she isn't a bit of trouble. Though she did do her business on the livingroom carpet in SIX different spots yesterday when I left her and Fred home alone, inside the house for four hours. I let them both out to do their business before I left them in the house for that long. And come to think of it... they really weren't in the house for that long...It was cold and windy out yesterday and that is why I made them stay in. Fred opened the backdoor sometime while I was gone and they both got out. It was cold as all get out in the house, the furnace running at top speed. I had said to my traveling companion that I hoped the stupid Fred dog hadn't opened that back door. He knows how to do it! He's done it before. And low and behold...that door was indeed standing wide open when we pulled into the drive. And there was Pug at the backdoor and Fred barking his fool head off, running towards the car as though he were happy as could be to be seeing us again! So I had messes to pick up when I got home from my travels.

It isn't nearly as cold out today. There was snow on the ground when I got up yesterday morning and the wind blew like crazy all day and night. No snow out there now and it's quite sunny and warm. The dogs both just came in from being outside for over two hours. Both of them asleep on the sofa as I speak! I need to walk over to the mailbox across the highway sometime today. My hip is killing me still. It's my sciatic nerve that is causing all this pain and making it so difficult to walk about. I'm unsure just what to do to make this pain go away. Pain meds don't help much. Sitting isn't good. Standing isn't good. Walking is really not good. Laying down isn't good. If I had wings to fly, that might work! I'm dealing with it as best I can.

The fibro is in an uproar as well and it isn't only my hip that is painful today. My arms hurt like crazy as well. Least I don't have a headache...yet. That could change at any moment. Fibro is a very odd disease. The symptoms change from one moment to another sometimes. I will have pain in one spot and the next moment it will be another spot and the first spot is no longer painful. The sciatic nerve pain is a constant though and it's got to be checked out by a doctor soon. I tried to find my cane yesterday. I thought it was hanging on the inside doorknob of the deskroom door but it's not there. I looked in the closet in the spare room, in the closet in my room. I don't know where it could be. I sometimes need it and now is one of those times! I'll keep hunting for it.

I don't really have anything especially entertaining to talk about today so I'll leave you now with hopes that your day is a good one filled with love!


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John said...

Hi Donna,

That pencil potrait of Naveen Andrews is really good! I would have never been able to draw a nice potrait like that on pencil.

Hmmm... although I don't really know what you go through when you have your pain attacks, but after running the half marathon, I think I understand better, and why you really need the cane! I'm praying that the pain would go away and not stay too long with you. Take care and have a nice Thursday!