01 December 2008

I feel like pastels today.
Actually I hurt like a big dog today! My back feels like it's been kicked by a mule! I know what it feels like to be kicked by a mule and that is what my back feels like right above my right hip. I've no idea what the devil I did to it. It's been this way since Friday. That is part of the reason I haven't been here to talk to you good people! I couldn't sit in my chair in front of this wretched machine. I didn't get much of anything done in the last three days. Read a lot. That's about it. Layed around and read my book. Read two books. Finished Clan of the Cave Bear and immediately picked up Valley of Horses. I finished it yesterday morning and I'm fixing to read the next one in the series...The Mammoth Hunters. I have read all three of these books previously but it's been years since that happened. The last two in the series- Shelters of Stone and The Plains of Passage will be totally new to me. Be forewarned that when that reading commenses...I will not be here to talk to you all for a few days.
Jesse gave me a couple of awards the other day. Thank you, Jesse. Now if I could figure out how to put them up here and link back to who needs to be linked back to I'd be doing great! I really don't know how to do either of those things though. Perhaps one of you could enlighten me?
Thanksgiving was a stellar day! We all stayed close to home. We had turkey and dressing, no mashed potatoes or gravy cause no one made any. We also had shepard's pie and a beef pot pie that sister Susan made. It was all yummy! Ma baked the turkey and dressing cause she says it just isn't Thanksgiving without it. There were lots of desserts as well. I made peach jello with peaches, peanut butter cookies and a walnut chocolate cake. The guinea pigs approved whole heartedly about that cake. There was also pumpkin crisp, apple pie and pumpkin pie to be had. I'm still eating on the peanut butter cookies and the walnut cake. Which is fine with me. That cake went wonderful with coffee this morning!
Fred pigged out on scrappings from out plates and the turkey bones. He's a happy canine. Scooter got a few scraps as well and he too is a happy little canine. The felines weren't so lucky. They got no scraps. Just because they did not need any scraps.
My scanner has gone wacko. I tried to scan some artwork earlier today but something went wrong and I now have the remnants of the window that opens to control the scanner still sitting at the bottom of the screen, along with two other windows that pop up to tell me I have emails coming in for MSN and Yahoo. I've no idea how to get rid of them. Will have to talk to Terah about that.
Good news!!!!! My van is now fixed and operational. It needed a new alternator. YEAH! Now I can go wherever I want and not have to ask anyone to take me there. The van has been fixed for two days now and I've not gone anywhere. I will be going this evening though. Going to town to sit with the girls. I don't think there are any games of anykind tonight so I won't be missing out on that.
It doesn't seem possible December has already rolled around again! Am I ready for Christmas, you ask? No. Not anywhere near ready actually. I'll be staying up late tonight to work on some little books and those bowls that have to be finished.
Looks as though I'm back in the swing of things for the time being. I shall show you all some artwork again when I get that scanner working. Until then...
Be good to one another. Smile. And go get yourself some hugs!

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John said...

Oh my... sounds very painful... and since Friday???

Might be good to get some checkups done.

I'll pray for you. Take care Donna.