27 December 2008

Saturday Morning...early

Christmas has come and gone. I am still thinking of the reason for the season though... That is not something we should think of only when the calendar reads December.
My house was full of little boys on Christmas Day. Between the four boys, 12 adults and that silly Fred dog, there was little room for moving about easily. A good time was had by all though! Christmas Dinner was had next door at Susan's house. We all traipsed to my house to open presents here after dinner. Before dinner we all went to Ma's house to open presents there. And right after dinner at Susan's we opened presents there as well. I won't go into detail as to all the presents I got. My people really love me! I always get more presents than anyone else. I think that is cause I am so easy please. Not cause I'm so loveable, though I am loveable too.:)
I'm drinking coffee out of one of my favorite gifts right now. It's a very large black mug with pretty gold swirls around the rim of the mug. It came with a saucer as well. RJ and Terah gave it to me. RW and Lou gave me a Crop-a-dile that I absolutely LOVE! It's a very useful tool for making little books. It will help me greatly in my art endeavors. Ma gave me many presents (she does every year for all her children-she has 9 of them!). I like the silver bracelet and the antique elephant match holder very much. My sister Susan gave me a mechanical antique elephant bank that is just too cool! It works for me in two areas! I collect both elephants and coin banks. She also gave me lots of other things as well. Sister Linda gave me an incense burner kit that consists of a tiny ceramic elephant to hold the stick incenses. I love it~!
Fred got a BIG beef knuckle bone from RJ and Terah. He got to play with RW and Lou's boys all day Christmas Day. He was a happy camper.
I am in need of a new keyboard! This one refuses to type right. The keys keep sticking and I have to keep backspacing to get all the letters to show up. Thss hat it looks like fI don't backspace occasionall. That is kind of hard to read~!
I have mail to prepare for mailing and beings this keyboard is beinga bear even after I've banged it on thedesktop to clear it out, I'm going to leave ou all now with hopes for a splendid Saturday!


John said...

Great to hear that you had a great Christmas, Donna :)

I would love to give you a new keyboard. Is your computer using the ones with USB ports? You know, the plug from the keyboard that goes into the computer, is it the rectangular one or the rounded one?

And what's your mailing address?

Donna said...

You've made a generous offer, John! Thank you! You've put me in mind of your blog post about asking for/accepting help. I am in need of a new keyboard! :) It is hard for me to accept your generous offer though...I am one of those stubborn souls who think all can be had by my own two hands or I don't really need it. This keyboard works alright except when the keys stick, which they don't seem to be doing too badly today. I make do with what I have, John. I would love a new keyboard though! :) Why don't you send me an email at activelazypup@yahoo.com
and I'll give you my details in an email instead of here on the blog?
What a generous soul you are, my friend! I can tell you my keyboard has a round end on the plug that goes in the back of the tower.
Thank you, John! God Bless you!