29 December 2008

Egg Sandwiches, Paperwork and A Beautiful Day

Hello Good People!
I had company for lunch. My sister Susan showed up unexpectedly around 3 this afternoon. She's feeling a bit lost these days. Her husband passed away back in April and she's feeling the solitude these days much more than usual. She mentioned she was going to go to town for groceries cause she was hungry. I was hungry too so I invited her to stay for an egg sandwich and bit more conversation.
After we devoured our sandwiches she sat in the overstuffed chair in the livingroom with Doob on her lap. Doob isn't a social butterfly by any means! Most folks don't even know I have that third cat cause she hides in the bedroom when people come along. Doob likes Susan though and she didn't hestitate to climb right up in her lap and settle in for a good petting and some easedropping on our conversation. We didn't really talk about much of anything. Susan says Ma is feeling better today. She was sick the day before yesterday with a stomach bug of some sort. I saw Ma the day before yesterday when she came over with Monte and Elaine for them to unload their trailer full of their stuff that they are storing in my burned house until their new house is ready for them in P-burg. She seemed fine then. Susan tells me Linda was sick that day as well. They must of eaten something somewhere that didn't agree with them. It's good that Ma is feeling better though. She's not a spring chicken anymore even if she thinks she is!
I have paperwork that needs to be taken to Pburg in the moring. It was actually supposed to be there today but the bank has to fill out some paperwork that goes with my paperwork and they couldn't get it done till in the morning. So the folks in Pburg are just going to have to wait for it till then. One would think I would have had all that paperwork ready cause every January it is due again. I lollagagged around and didn't get all the stuff together that I needed to get together in time to have it back to them when they wanted it. I don't think one day is going to make a lot of difference in the outcome of it all though. Last December I was over a week late in getting the paperwork in. I had documents to copy for this paperwork and my copier ran out of ink before I was done doing that so I'll have to finish that up in the morning as well.
Fred has been outside most of the day and I've had both the front door and the back door standing wide open! It was almost 60 degrees outside today. The house needed a good airing out and it was a perfect day for it. Now that the sun is on its descent for the day, the temps are dropping and both the doors have been closed. I haven't been outside yet today.
Later...in about an hour I'll be headed to town to sit with the girls for the evening. That will be fun. It always is. Allison didn't call to say she wanted me to bring some art stuff along so I'll leave it at home tonight. I don't really feel like doing anything arty tonight anyway. I finished up one of the little books I've been working on and the other is all but done...just waiting on the glue to dry so I can bind it. Those need to go in the mail tomorrow along with three sets of chunky pages. I hope the trees and the snowmen (especially) make it to their destinations on time. The Star Trek pages aren't really on a schedule...they shoud have been mailed weeks ago! The girl getting them will be happy to see them finally arrive in her mail box.
I've been very unorganized here of late with mail art. I can't seem to get back into the flow of things where it is concerned. I have a couple of altered envelopes that need to be done and mailed off as well. Didn't even realize I owed them till I went through my stack of index cards yesterday and found it there. Those won't take anytime to do though and they too will go in the mail in the morning. Maybe I should take those to town with me tonight and do them while watching TV with the girls.
All in all it has been a fantastic day despite the fact that I didn't hit the sheets till 6:30 this morning! I stayed up all night playing games on this wretched machine. I got up at 1:30 this afternoon and have been on the go since then!
I shall talk to you all again tomorrow or the next day....
You all have a marvelous Monday evening and make sure you get your hugs for the day! I'll be collecting mine in about an hour! :)


John said...

Is that Pittsburg, Phillipsburg or Petersburg?

Donna said...

Hi John,
That would be Phillipsburg. Pburg is just easier to type! If I say Pburg anytime in a post, it is always Phillipsburg. Both of my sons, my nephew Justin and one of my sisters live there now. Monte and Elaine (another sister) will be moving there from Newton sometime this coming year.
Hope all is well with you, John!