05 April 2009

A Bunch of Devalued Money Turned Into Artwork

I finally finished the money trees and money fishes requested by a couple gals. They will be going in the mail come tomorrow. Here they are for you to look at. They are all nothing more than shredded money, some magazine pages with the right colors I needed, copy paper with the fish printed off Google Images, a bit of novelty yarn, a boatload of glue and some diamond glaze on the fishes. All that stuff is attached to a gameboard cut into 4 x 4 inch squares. No danglies, nothing on the backs but my signature. I know they all look pretty much alike, but it's kinda fun to see them all together and notice the little nuances between them.

Not much of anything happening at Chez Donna today. The wind is blowing like crazy, there's snow on the ground, the dog smells like that dead deer across the highway and the cat presented me with a hair ball this morning. The day can only get better from here!
The school bus hit that deer a couple weeks ago early in the morning on its rounds to pick up country kids for school. No one hurt in the crash with the exception of the deer. There are black marks on the highway in front of Ma's house where the little bus made contact with the deer. Fred found the damned thing a few days ago and has dragged a few bones home. I'm sure the coyotes have been feasting on the smelly critter. I took the deordorizor after that dog yesterday, he smelled to high heaven. I did it again this morning after I let him back in from his morning constitutional. He doesn't like the deordorizor, but I didn't like the smell of the boy!
The cat that presented me with a slimy hairball hacked up on the deskroom floor was Doob. She's a long haired cat but she seldom hacks up hairballs. Just seemed the thing to do this morning apparently.
I knew it was going to snow last night. There isn't a lot of snow out there, just a heavy dusting that the wind has blown around. It is WINDY~! Thermometer says it is almost 38F out there but with that wind, it feels a whole lot colder! The sun's ashining and gives the illusion that it is warmer out there than it actually is. And if that wind weren't ablowing...it wouldn't be too bad out.
The wheatfield behind the house is greening up nicely. This small bit of moisture (snow) that's fallen in the last two days will kickstart it and get it well on its way to growing properly. It is a treat to me to look out the deskroom window and see that expanse of my favorite color! The herd of deer that are there occasionally are a bonus. I'm pretty sure that herd is minus one of its members though.

I tried to get the camera to talk to the PC yesterday so I could start taking pictures again but the damned thing refuses to cooperate! So, instead of getting frustrated with it all, I just put the dern thing away and will try again another day.
Susan called and wants me to brave the wind and cold to go to her house. I haven't decided if I want to brave the wind and cold to walk across the backyard to her house. I can hear that wind rippling the tin roof on this house! It is coming straight out of the north and I might get blown off course if I try to traverse that westerly path to her house! I would definetly have to put on more clothes than I have on now to go out in that gale force wind! Jammies and housecoat aren't gonna cut it!
I'm out of here for now though. I might be back later with more art to show you all. I am fixing to go to the painting table and do an elephant picture of some sort. Don't think I'll be painting the fool critter but I don't just paint at the painting table, I just call it that is all.
You all have a stellar Sunday wherever you might be! Get yourself some hugs today! They don't carry over from day to day, you have get new ones all the time! Be good to one another!
I shall yak at you all another time!

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