20 April 2009

Spiders, Zens and a Bit of Rambling From Your's Truly

I've accomplished art, sleeping, doing a bit of laundry and dishes since the last time we gathered here. I'm averaging 12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. The dishes HAD to be done, laundry needed attention. Art is like breathing so it had to be done as well. There was a Zentangle-a-thon this weekend over at AFA. The link to AFA is over at the top left of the sidebar.
I could give you a blow by blow account of dishes and laundry, but what fun would that be? I cannot give you a blow by blow of sleeping so you'll have to be content without that...
Art, on the otherhand, I can share.

These first three ATCs were made by Terah. She came to visit me on Friday night while RJ and RW went to Hutch and Brenton was with his dad. She had the house all to herself but was bored so she loaded up Pug Dog and came to my house at 10:30 pm for some art, cooking and general silliness.

Lady Margaret


Eyes on YOU

While I played Cave-In on this wretched machine she sat at my painting table and made these cards. I just love Eyes on YOU! So clever!!! She asked me if I had any vintage women and I pointed her toward an old datebook that's been on the bookshelf for a couple years. She made wonderful ATCs from some of the pages of that old book. Old in that it is 25 years old. She opened it when I handed it to her and said, "Hey, this book is the same age as I am!" :)
I am addicted to playing Cave-In. It is somewhat like Collapse. That monster, Spike, maybe his name is Mike....anyway, that monster is the thing I yell at when a bomb is greatly needed to save that monster's hide. In reality...lol .... REALITY>? .... I'm shaking my head. In reality the concept of the game is to save Spike/Mike from the blocks crushing his hide. The high scores posted for the game are in the 1 million range. I have yet to make more than 330,000some. It is a quest, more than an addicition....I must get more points that that.

Onto more art....

Where's A Gecko When You Need One?- ATC sharpies on recycled greeting card. I wish you could see the texture of this paper. The next 4 cards are made of this same stuff. I got a hella deal on greeting cards at the pharmacy in Smith Center about six months ago. (10 cents each with the envelope!) I used a bunch of those cards as cards for sending out traded ATCs but some of them I cut into ATC size for the simple fact there was a lot of white space which made clean ATC blanks and because the paper these cards are made of is just too darn cool! It takes markers like a champ!

Carnival- ATC sharpies on recycled greeting card. This one is headed to Oklahoma tomorrow.

The Ants Go Marching- ATC sharpies on recycled greeting card. These guys are marching off the Washington State tomorrow.

Small Science ZAT- ATC made for the Zentangle-a-thon. Sharpies on recycled greeting card.

School 45- ATC Sharpies on recycled greeting card. There is no doubt there are 45 fishes in this school cause there's 5 of each color and there are 9 colors of fish. Please feel free to check on those statistics cause I very well could be totally wrong on all that. Counting is NOT my strong suit! Regardless though, how many fishes are there...this card is still called School 45.

Future Frogs- ATC sharpies on heavy chipboard. The card itself is made from a piece from a game. I forget the name of the game these came from but it's a card game ... there are pictures of different standard playing cards on the other side of this card. I think there were like 24 cards in the game, each about 8.5x11.5 inches...I cut them all down into ATC blanks and got quite a few of them. I usually do collage on them cause they are so sturdy but they have blank backsides so drawing on them works as well.
When I drew this picture I was thinking about what my pond out front used to look like. I need to tackle that pond and get it back to a living state. It has water in it...but I doubt there is much life in it. It hasn't had frogs and lily pads in it for over five years now....that needs to be remedied!
Eye Circle ZAT- ATC (What else could it be called?) Sharpies on white cardstock. It is the only black and white zentangle I made for the ZAT.
Zentangles really don't have any rules to them. You just pick up a writing instrument and let the pen go where it wants. It's kinda like channeling spirits...let your mind wander and the instrument will follow. I don't feel like my zens have reached their potential until they are as colorful as I can make them! I do enjoy the b&w zens that others create and I collect zens of only b&w along with colorful ones.

Camping ZAT- ATC sharpies on heavy cardstock. This one is headed to Oklahoma as well.

The Fright!- ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock (same stuff as the future frogs). I dedicate this one to Terah. It is headed to Washington State as soon as I get 2 more spider ATCs done. I dedicate it to Terah cause she is deadly afraid of spiders. I give her a hard time about that, but I do understand the fears. She hasn't seen this card but she will laugh like crazy when she does.
I started the book, Beloved by Toni Morrison this afternoon. I'll have it finished before the weekend rolls around again. Need to keep on top of the goal of reading 50 books again this year.
I might have inchies to show you all next time I post. That's on my agenda....to add to that goal today.

Until again I come to yak to myself and anyone who happens along, be good to one another, give a smile when you feel like frowning and collect your hugs.

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