15 April 2009

A Few More Inchies and Some ATCs

We have 12 more inchies to add to the total of 1000 for the year. These colorful little sheep put us at 318. Still a long way to go before I reach my goal of 1000. Plugging right along...

These sheep are all going to Indiana tomorrow.

Mr. Sun ATC- Sharpies on watercolor paper. Sometimes pencil marks will erase through sharpies. It doesn't work so well on watercolor paper for some reason so you can see the pencil lines on the face of Mr. Sun. And again, this ATC is much more vibrant in hand than this scan shows.

Hide and Seek ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. I really like how this one turned out, even with the washed out colors in the scan.

Happy Spring ATC- Sharpies on the rough side of photopaper. The photopaper is a bit flimsy so it is backed with heavy cardstock to give it stability. The colors didn't wash out so much in this scan.

Colorful Fishes ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock.

2060 ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. The photograph I used for reference for this drawing was taken in Idaho. I changed it up a lot! The barn in my drawing is somewhat different from the barn in the photograph and the numbers on the mailbox are nowhere near to being the numbers in the photograph. That actually looks like my own mailbox! Cattywhompas and all! I am pleased with the outcome of this one.

Enjoy the eye candy today!
Go out and get you some hugs as well. You know the lack of hugs in a daily life is not a good thing for a body. We all need all the hugs we can get. Go find a little kid and they will probably give you more hugs than you can handle! Especially a little kid that likes you!
Be good to one another!

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