04 April 2009

Picture Saturday again again

I can't remember if I showed you all the boat inchies or not. Sharpies on stiff card. I've traded all of these. They're headed to Cyprus as soon as Kathryn decides if she wants them all. This 12 puts me at 306 inchies completed for thus far this year.
Teddy was drawn for the Stamp-a-thon this weekend. The T is a stamp colored with sharpies as is Teddy. He's headed to Australia.

Baboon was done for the SAT as well. Again sharpies all around. The B is glued to the background.

Anteater was done for the SAT also. Sharpies all around. I knew that First Animal Encyclopedia would come in handy someday!

Tomato was done for the SAT too. Sharpies all round again. I really like my sharpies at this point in time for some reason. Maybe because they don't make a mess and I sit at my desk to do them instead of having to drag out a thousand different things.

The Spider's Lair - Sharpies on heavy cardstock.
The Executives- Sharpies on heavy cardstock.

Yak was done for the SAT....Sharpies all around again. Heavy cardstock as well. You'll all be seeing "heavy cardstock" a lot till I get through about 500 ATCs. I'm hoping to find some more flash cards made out of it.

Teddy On Pink--sharpies on heavy cardstock

Robot- done for the SAT this weekend. Sharpies all around along with the R being a rubber stamp.

Questionable Flowers- This one is drawn on an insert from junk mail from Direct TV. I've no use for Direct TV as I don't even own a TV! So what better thing to do with the trash than turn it into art? There ya have it! Text and all! It's attached to heavy cardstock.

Migration--Sharpies on heavy cardstock. Why migration for the title? There's a couple of reasons....there's a goose flying south and lots of folks migrate to the seashore when the geese fly south. So, migration.

Life On 42nd Avenue-- Sharpies on heavy cardstock.

Dragonfly Invasion -- Sharpies on heavy cardstock.

Direct TV Guy-- Some more of that insert from the junk mail. Sharpies, attached to heavy cardstock.

Boy-- I made this one for the SAT, but there wasn't enough room on the card to put the B so it doesn't qualify to be a SAT card. It's kinda juvenile anyway...

Black and Red Butterfly-- Sharpies on heavy cardstock.
Ant- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. Made for the SAT.
Aardvark-- Made for the SAT. Sharpies on heavy cardstock all around.
This is the extent, with the exception of the inchies, of what I've been up to this weekend thus far. We still have Sunday to go through.
The weather has turned nasty. It is trying to snow outside. The wind's kicked up, there's rain falling down and I am ready to call this Saturday DONE!
I shall yak at you all another day!
Don't forget to go collect your hugs and give a few in the process! Have yourselves a wonderful Sunday!

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