02 August 2009

Artwork of a Sunday~ and a bit of Chatter just 'cause....

The title of this post really doesn't 'fit' cause not all of this artwork was actually done on Sunday. But nonetheless...here is some artwork of a Sunday!

Evelyn's book was a giant hit~! Least I think it was. Evelyn didn't whoop and holler all about it but she seemed to be pleased it was hers. She's an odd duck, Evelyn.

The artwork that follows was done within in the last month. Some of the inchies were done today.

Chunky Page....(we all know chunky pages do not have names!) The other side of this page (which I did not scan) has another of the egyptian shaped playing cards, a puzzle piece painted copper colored around the edges and on the backside that hangs over the side of the page. This page was going to end up in Evelyn's book but her book got too fat to add anymore pages than I did add. (I'll gather Evelyn's book pages from my files and do a post about it so you all can see which pages went in the book.) This page has a text page, magazine cutout (cat), text from the same book as the text page, egyptian shaped playing card, copper dragonfly and sunflower from a book of stamps from the USPS. It also has a lampwork bead attached to the side of it. It is now up for trade.

Prayer #3--ATC--ink pen on cardstock. This is the third ATC I have made with this particular doorway on it. There will more than likely be more of this particular doorway in the future as well.

Zentangle Quilt--ATC-- markers on cardstock

I worked on Inchies a lot one Wednesday afternoon in July. I drew the black outlines of most of these on that Wednesday sitting in a dry spot in the pouring rain while equipment refused to cooperate for the one in charge. I finally got around to adding some color to them this afternoon.
This batch of 64 inchies takes the goal up to 570. There are a few in this batch that I did not make, but as in the past...they count nonetheless!

There are only 2 in that batch that don't belong to me. I thought there were more....There ARE more...they're still in the inchie box waiting to get scanned...they were made after I scanned this batch. Sorry. I'm losing my mind, it appears!
I'll scan them later, along with the little books I've been talking about for a week and half now.
I see a couple of these are all wonky on the scanner bed too. An upside down tomato and sideways sheep. Hmmm. No biggie.
I really don't know EXACTLY how many inchies I have made this year but we are going with the count as of today cause, well, just cause we can! When the year is out and I must conclude this goal, I'll lay them all out on the table and take a picture with the final tally. The final tally won't mean jackspit but it's the tally we will go with to conclude the goal. I've sold, given away and/or lost a few of them. I've no numbers on that though. Didn't keep a record... I have a scan of all of the inchies made this year, but the numbers are all wonky. I could go sort it all out in my documents folders but....not today.
I stopped smoking this morning. No. Truly. Cold Turkey. I ran out of smokes and I haven't had another. Yes, I know I said in the last post that I wasn't going to buy anymore....well, that lasted all of an hour.....I spent my last 4 dollars and 48 cents on a pack. There were two left early this morning. I had them for breakfast with my coffee. It has now been a little over 12 hours and I've not smoked any more since then. There are none to smoke and regardless how much I WANT A CIGARETTE (RIGHT NOW!!!!) I am not going to buy anymore. I can't afford to buy them. It is that simple!
So, that goal is well on it's way to fruition. Keep sending me good vibes for this one! Any help is appreciated.
I added another book to the list yesterday. My Father's Dragon. It was a cute book. A kid's book. Fifth graders. I enjoyed the story. It had 90 pages. It qualifies for a 'book read'. The illustrations are just darling!
Ok, I've counted the inchies in the box of ones that are scanned and accounted for. Only problem is that they aren't all there that have been scanned and accounted for...there are a grand total of 451 inchies in the box. 420 of them are mine. I have sold a few, given a few away and traded a few as well. So I've no freaking clue just how many have been made unless I go and count all the inchies individually on the scans....that ain't happening this evening. It's damn near midnight and my eyeballs are sagging!
I'll figure it out in the long run.
You all get some hugs this week and don't work any harder than you must. Remember that smiling makes folks wonder just what you're thinking! So smile and get them to smiling as well and then everyone will be smiling and thinking about happy things!
Peace, my friends!
Oh, yeah....we still have no baby as of yet! Soon....soon....

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