18 August 2009

It's Tuesday....

And once again, I have been gone a few days.
No real reason other than I've been doing other things. Nothing specific. I can't remember exactly WHAT I have done in the last five days.......

I held Annabel twice in those five days. On Saturday when she came home from the hospital and again about an hour ago. She sure is a pretty little thing. I don't say that only because I am her granny, but because it is true! It has to be~! Everyone else says the same thing! :) That little girl makes me happy.
The grandboys all went back to school today after a summer away from it. Not sure how each of them feels about it. I will have to ask.

RW and RJ were here this afternoon. RW has been next door since about 9 a.m. He came with Justin from Pburg. RJ showed up around 12:30 or so. Sammy was there, as well as Susan.
Everyone held the baby except RW. He said she wasn't up to her weight limit yet and he wasn't going to hold her till she weighs 11 pounds. She's at 6 pounds, 11 ozs today. He is under the notion that he might drop her. Her smallness scares him, but he admires her from afar. He's quite proud to be an uncle, I do believe!
Sammy just loves that baby! Sam is my youngest brother, aged 41 (I think that's right. If not it's close.) He has two sons of his own so he remembers the thrill of a baby. It makes me happy just seeing him hold Annabel. He is one of those who say, "She sure is a pretty little thing!" He moved into my life by moving here to my spot about the same time Annabel came into the world. Newness for me all around! I like having them both here!
Justin held the baby too. His mama, Susan, is faunchin' at the bit for that boy to get busy and give HER a grandbaby! Justin is either 29 or 30. He's not cooperating with his mother.
She tells him, "That's OK Justin, RJ gave me a baby I can wallor anytime I want to." She really does so want a grandbaby! How I wish Rick were still here for Annie's arrival. He so loved children!

The dogs met the baby on Saturday. Pug is a bit hyper and didn't really get a good look at her till today but Fred met her on Saturday for sure. I wasn't outside when they got here today to unload the kid and all the paraphenalia that comes with it!
Fred licked the top of her head, stood back a bit and took a good look at her face and then went on his way. Quite unimpressed it appeared. We shall see in later years what he thinks of her. I've no doubt he and Annie will get along famously. He's a laid back dog and he loves all the grandboys!
I was holding Annie, sitting on the sofa and Pug sat on the sofa beside me looking at Annie. She licked Annie's toes a time or two. Pug is a licker! All in all she did pretty good. Just sat there like she always does. Pug is also a very clingy dog...and she is little enough she can sit in your lap is you don't mind. She certainly won't mind if you let her sit in your lap! I still don't think Pug can be trusted around a newborn without constant supervision so the dog will be staying at my house for awhile still. We can only pray each day St. Francis will watch over her and keep her from being squished on the highway. I know that sounds harsh but I can't spend 24/7 worrying about that dog staying off the highway! Thankfully she's getting better at staying off it the longer she is here, but we still need St. Francis' help with this!

Doobie whooped the snot out of Pug a couple of times in the last five days. That dog worries that cat all the time! I laughed so hard at them one day. Doob had done the whoopin' and turned to walk away from Pug, strutting like, "That will teach that stupid dog!" Yeah...:) Pug snuck up behind her as she was strutting away and nipped that cat on the base of her tail. Doob whipped around! (I have never seen that cat move so fast!) Pug had, of course stepped back from the cat by this point....she should have never nipped the cat on the tail. Doob proceeded to back Pug into a corner and whoop her all over again. The dog has been defeated!
She still doesn't like that dog and that dog still worries her all the time, but Pug just doesn't seem to have the enthusiasm she had before her double whoopin' in the bathroom a few days ago.
Doob whooped her the day before that as well, just not quite as badly. They seem to have come to terms though. I found the cat and that little dog asleep on my bed when I woke up early this morning. Doob was in her usual spot next to me in the middle of the bed and Pug was asleep, all stretched out at the foot of the bed with fan blowing in her face. Fred was asleep on the floor where he knows he's supposed to be.
I gave up on convincing Pug she needed to sleep on the floor like a dog should, but she was having none of that! Only reason I let her stay is cause Doob lets her stay and she isn't much bigger than a cat anyway.

Billy cat got locked in the garage overnight. RJ accidentally locked him in there yesterday afternoon. RJ let him out of the garage about three hours ago. Long time for a cat to be locked in the garage. I am assuming the cat fared with no ill effects from his ordeal. I don't know though, cause I've yet to lay eyes on Bill today.

I haven't done any scanning of art completed and I haven't compeleted any art in the last five days either. So no pictures today.
And no picture of my granddaughter either cause no one has downloaded any pictures to a computer so they can send me some of them. I asked about that again today. So maybe...just maybe... next time I post, you all will get a look at the pretty little thing!

Guess I'm out of things to talk about unless you all want to hear how badly I'm hurting these days. Pain wise...the levels are high but I'm alright! I won't go on and on! I'm still above the grass and mighty happy to be so!
I'm out of here for the time being! You all go collect your hugs! Give some kisses too if you get the chance! They only add to the affects of the hugs! Have yourselves a terrific Tuesday! I intend to keep right on doing that myself! :)

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