13 August 2009

There's A New Kid In Town

I know it's been a few days since I have been here... I said that baby was coming soon. She didn't come as soon as I would have liked, but she is well worth the wait she put me through!
Annabel Mae was born at 12:22 a.m 13 August 2009. She weighs 6 pounds 13 1/2 ozs and is 20 inches long.
She took the long route into this world. We had to drag her out into our realm. That might be a bit harsh... though she was pretty much drug into the world with no help from herself. She was born by c-section (I cannot spell cesarean correctly...or maybe I can?). Her mama, T, has some gallstones in her gallbladder and that was giving T some bit of trouble for the last three days. She has been in the hospital since Tuesday evening. Though we may as well say she has been there since Monday cause on Monday she went home for about 10 hours after having spent the night in the hospital.
Anyway......Annabel came into the world today, finally!
I'm afraid I have no pictures to show you of that event and that beautiful little girl I held when she was only a couple of hours old.
I've not spoken to Brenton about his little sister yet. His other grandma, Sherri told me he wouldn't go to sleep till he knew mom had had the baby. I was priviledged to be the only one present for this little one's coming out.
There are pictures to be seen but you all will have to wait to lay eyes on my granddaughter. RJ wouldn't give me the camera's smart card so I could download them. He's a turd. He's also a very proud papa which blows me away! Not that he is proud, but that he is a papa!
The fair is in town. You all know about as much as I do about the goings on down in town. I've yet to make it to the fairgrounds to take a look around. I really want to get a look at those tigers.
I won't dream so big that I may actually touch one of them...that would be cool though. I've played with baby tigers in the past. Cats the size of a medium dog. It was fun and sureal at the same time.
There's a picture of me and Wayne, (my house mate on the road) sitting with a full grown white tiger. That tiger was magnificient! I knew he couldn't be trusted any farther than I could throw him, but he behaved beautifully! He could have cared less about having his picture taken. I believe Wayne has that picture, now that I think about it. The picture was taken shortly before we played with the little ones. There were five of them I do believe. Mean little shits! Sharp little teeth! I had a great time despite the scars I still bear! LOL
I forget Wayne's last name. He was a strange, yet cordial housemate. We lived in an RV together for about a month out on the road with the traveling zoo. The tigers were at our first stop on the circuit in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Then it was on to Des Moines, Iowa for the state fair.
I won't go on about the traveling zoo...I have tons of stories from that time though...good memories those! Perhaps another time.
I do want to see the tigers in town though! And the pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, all kinds of critters there! I want to sit and do some people watching as well.
The motorcycle races were on Monday and Wednesday. We could hear them clear out here in the country. 2 miles away as the crow flies.
It is in my plans to go to the fair tomorrow. I'll even take a walk down the midway....but I won't be getting on any of those rides. No thanks.
I have forgotten what I had to say in the last post. I know it was a short one though. I did inchies with Susan in the evening before I went over to the hospital. Another dozen to add to the things still needing scanned.

The last part of this post should probably be a separate post? It is now 3:44 am 14 August. I started this post yesterday about this time. At any rate... on with it!

I went to the fair for the first time tonight. H asked me go to the races with her. They were racing Stock Cars and Modifieds. It was loud and dirty! I was a great deal of fun as well! I think I have a pound of dust in my hair and another half pound in my eyes! There were four old guys (50s to 70s) sitting beside us. Those guys were a hoot! H kept telling me the one sitting right beside me was a keeper! I think not! He was swilling beer and being kinda dumb. He was the youngest of the bunch. We know this cause we overheard a conversation across several rows of bleacher seats! The fella sitting on the row just down from them would have been a better catch, especially in the looks department! He was in need of TLC too, he cut the ends of three of his fingers off on Thursday out in a field. Apparently he's fine. He was at the races swilling beer as well. They did crack us up many more times than one! One of these four arrived well before the others. H and I had arrived quite early ourselves so as to get a good seat. He sat there and talked to me while H was off hunting down kids, waiting on his cronies. I guess him to have been in his early 70s. He told me about the fella cutting off the ends of his fingers. Out in a field by himself and a machine got the better of him. He's lucky it didn't chew the whole of him up instead of just his fingertips! He was a handsome devil! And lucky to boot! No clue who he was.
B had to go to Oklahoma so his ticket was mine. Thanks B! I had a great time!
The whole fair this evening was quite a spectacle! Amanda put on a hulahoop show just for me! :) She has been out on the midway (just past the pavillion, an excellent spot) since Monday selling hulahoops and doing shows to help with the sales. She's good with the hula hoop! I've known Amanda since 1999. She's 26 or 27. I haven't seen her in a few years...H told her I was there and she put on an impromptu show just so I could see her cool hulahoop dance with the flaming hulahoop. It was so cool! It was dark in the shadow of the pavillion and the balls of flame around the edge of the hoop were so very cool spinning around her body as she swayed to the music. Spectacular! And even better cause it was a gift greatly appreciated. She hugged me hard! :) Was good to see Amanda.

I saw a lot of people at the fair that I have not seen in some time. Thanks for the invite, H!
I'll be going back again tomorrow around 6:00 p.m. cause I really want to see the tiger show. I got a look at their spot on the fair grounds. Looks as those these tigers do tricks. Walk on a tightrope, sit on pedestals and surely other things. I didn't see even a tiger hair tonight! Tigers go sleep before 10 p.m. apparently.

I have yet to go look at all the farm critters. I didn't want to miss H when we were supposed to hook up at the fair grounds so I didn't wander around too much. I really like the pigs! The cows are alright..good if you can pet a bucket calf or two. The sheeps and goats are pretty cool cause you can pet most of them. I like the chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits also. yeah I have to go check out the critters tomorrow. I may even go through the horse barns. Horses don't much speak to me if you know what I mean.

I finally got to meet Ezekial. That kid is already 2 months old! He is a cutie. Wouldn't look at me! :) He was too busy looking at Cory, his daddy. Ezekial's big brother has finally decided I'm not such a bad character afterall. Last time I saw 2 yr old Josiah he wouldn't come anywhere near me! Was good to see Monica and Cory and get to hold that youngest one. (I got to hold two babies today! That makes me smile!)

There were other various folks I know that I came across at the fair as well. Lots of hellos, hugs and good wishes for Annabel's life. I can't believe I have a grand daughter! It just floors me! Susan and I went to the hospital mid afternoon so Susan could meet her. We didn't stay long cause I had to be home by 5 to make it to the races in time. Mama is feeling good considering the ordeal her body has been through and Annabel is doing wonderfully! Papa's hanging in there as well.
I talked to Brenton on the way into the hospital. He and his other grandma were heading back to Pburg. I asked him what he thought of his little sister. "She's a keeper!" says the seven year old. :) I do have to agree with him!

As I said the pictures are forthcoming! Soon...I hope.

I added 5 books to the list. 'Softly In Silver Sandals' is a nice little poetry book.
"The Singing Stones" is an excellent tale of murder and intrigue. I love muder mysteries!
"The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman" is a very interesting book. I highly recommend reading it if you're interested in the workings of you own body. It was fascinating reading! With gorgeous images as well.
"Lethal Seduction" was a love story of sorts...it wasn't the greatest book I've ever read but it was worth the five or six hours it took to read it.
"The Book of Knowledge 1961" took quite awhile to read but I finally finished it over the weekend so on the list it goes. It a compilation of all the cool stuff going on in 1961, the year I was born. Some interesting things in that book. I'm glad I read it!
I'm still reading "We Are Still Married". I will finish it soon.
And that concludes your reported books for the day. Go read something! :)

This also concludes the post about this most excellent day 13 August/14 August.... it has been a grand day! Thank you, Lord!
Go get some hugs! I got so many today I think I'll tingle for a week!

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