25 August 2009

Tuesday Has Rolled Around Again!

Monday was a long, long wonderful day!
I can't believe I am up and at it at 7 a.m. I wasn't home much yesterday at all. I went to breakfast with Susan and Sam. Susan's treat! Thanks, Susan! After breakfast in Pburg we stopped off at the Kids' house to hold the baby and ooh and ahh over her. She wanted nothing to do with me but she quieted down when Susan held her or when Sam did. I would take her in my arms and she would immediately start fussing. I did get to hold her quite a bit though in the 45 minutes we were there. She spit up on the front of my blouse shortly before we left to come back home! :) Guess she likes me afterall!
I took a short snooze in the afternoon, read a couple chapters in my newest book and then at 5 Sam and I went back to Pburg to the Kids' house to eat supper with them and to hold that baby again. Mama had just finished feeding her when we got there so she was asleep. After supper I held her for almost an hour...my left arm went to sleep and I passed the little bundle of joy to my brother Sam so he could hold her.
He says to me in a low voice, "Do you think we could get away with just getting up and leaving with this precious little girl?" I told him we couldn't just take the baby, we'd have to gather up all the paraphenalia babies need as well. My son just shook his head as he heard this conversation. He said to us, "If you're going to take her, don't forget the swing! You'll be happy you took it along!" :)
Course we didn't kidnap little Annabel. She's much better off with her mama, papa and big brother. It was good to get to hold her so much on Monday.
Tuesday looks as though it is going to be a scorcher again! The bank clock said it was 5:53 p.m. and 105 degrees F yesterday when we headed north to Pburg for supper. It is muggy, humid and hot already this morning inside the house. I've not ventured to the back steps to sit with my coffee yet. I'm sure it's much cooler outside than it is inside this morning.

I've no clue what is in store for the day. I have a phone call to return today. The phone has been shut off for the last week cause I didn't have the money to pay the bill. My sister paid it for me yesterday and I am so grateful to her for doing that! So now I have phone service again. I had a message on my machine when I got home last night. There were actually 3 messages on the machine when I got home...all from the same person! They were wondering about the phone being dead all this past week, among other things. I didn't return the call cause it was already too late when I got home so that will get done later this morning. I'll let them get up and about and started with their day before I call to interrupt their day. I doubt they will think of it as an interruption though.

It is nicer outside than I expected. Not much a breeze out there but it's not near as warm out there as in the house! I took a walk around the yard. Looked at the various things growing out there. My pear trees are loaded with ripe fruit at the moment and large green beetles have invaded the trees to dine on the ripe fruit. Very pretty large green beetles they are! I'm sure they must be pests of some sort but I have no intention of eliminating them from my landscape.
I walked out to the 'north forty' to check on the pear tree and apple tree out there. I saw only one lone apple on the tree. The pear tree is heavy with ripe fruit..so ripe the pears are rotting on the tree! The pear trees by the house aren't near as laden with fruit as that lone tree out there is. Not sure what is up with the apple tree though...no fruit to speak of?
I checked on the pokeberry stand as well. Berries have formed but are not ripe just yet. I will have to remember to check the pokeberry stand come spring so I can have some pokeberry shoots to eat. Can't eat the berries. They are poisonous, along with the rest of the plant if you don't cook it right. The shoots are not poisonous until they reach 6 inches in heighth. You can eat the leaves so long as you change the cooking water numerous times. I've not ever tried to cook the leaves cause I didn't want to hassle with the changing of the water time and time again!
I may make another batch of pokeberry ink next month when the berries get ripe. We'll see!
None of the seeds I scattered in my own yard last year came up this year. I don't know if they need to winter first before they come up or what the deal is....I will pick more berries just for the seeds and will scatter another batch this year! I would love to have a large stand of pokeberry plants come spring! A large stand closer to the house at least!
I discovered three very large wild gourd plants on my traipse around the property this morning. I knew two of them were there but the third one was a shock to find! Not that we do anything with the wild gourds, they're just really pretty plants!
I cleaned the dogs' outside water bowl while I was out in the yard. I'll have to go back out pretty soon and turn the water off. It will take a bit of time to fill that big tub. The water was quite green and low so it needed to be cleaned and refilled. The dogs will be appreciative.
It does look as though Pug will be staying with me for some time. Unless she gets her stupid hide run over on the highway! She ain't too bright when it comes to staying off the highway...especially when you're driving off and you haven't bothered to take her with you! She runs down the middle of the highway behind you for a bit and then gives up. Fred stays off the highway! He learned the hard way and I'm sure Pug won't be given the chances Fred has been given to learn the hard way that the highway is no place for a dog! I just keep asking St. Francis to watch over her stupid hide! So far, so good!
You've noticed no pictures in this post....I have a few things to scan still but just haven't felt like tackling that endeavor for awhile. I'll get around to it eventually.
Artwork has kinda been put on the back burner for the last few weeks. I have no inspiration and no inclination to do any! I need to keep plugging away at the inchies to meet my goal of 1000 of them before the year is out. I will meet that goal! I will!
Right now I'm going to step into the shower, get dressed and do something productive today! You all have a fantastic Tuesday! Make the most of whatever is handed to you today. That is my intention!
Don't forget to collect some hugs along the way!


John said...

Hi Donna!

What's 'north forty'? Forty degrees to the north?

And I think it's the sizzling temperatures that the apples aren't fruiting.

I'm sure you'll hit your target of 1000 inchies :)

Donna said...

Hi John,
"North Forty" is a term for a piece of ground away from the house. It's a generic term...the apple and pear trees in the north forty are about 100 yards from the back of Susan's house heading north. If the trees were to the south, then I would have said 'in the south forty'. It has to do with increments of acres as well. That's where the term originated as far as I know. Way back in the beginning of the 20th century when the US was relatively unsettled parcels of land were sold in forty acres lots. So that's where the term comes from. Or something like that anyway!

I think you may be right about the sizzling temps and the apple tree.

I know I will hit the goal of 50 books read this year but I'm beginning to have my doubts about hitting 1000 inchies. I will carry on though and see if I can make that goal!

Thanks for stopping in, John! I do hope all is well in your world!

John said...

Oh, that's interesting to know. I learned something new today! Thanks for the explanation :)