20 April 2010

Chester and a Book

I'm done with being mad at that man who had me venting in the last post. Life goes on and my junk pile just keeps growing. It's all cool!
The pear trees have finished their show of flowers for the year. I don't have a picture to show you of that today but there are white flower petals all over the front porch and scattered across the front yard. I wasn't quite sure just what those white things laying about were when I first noticed them. After coming home from town I picked one up off the front porch to get a better look at it. Yep, flower petals. And the pear trees seem to have changed from their frilly party dresses into their green gowns for growing. They still look quite lovely!  I'll see if I can be awake during daylight hours and in my right mind enough to take a few pictures of the trees...they're changing so quickly! I am in hopes the show of all those flowers is a prelude to a show of nice fat juicy pears come the end of summer!
I have only a couple of pieces of art to show you today. There is one sitting on the desk staring at me but you won't get to see him cause Mr. Franklin has not been scanned as of yet.

18 April 2010
365 Project #108
Markers on recycled cardstock.

I am behind on the 365 Project and need to add to Mr. Franklin to get caught up.
That is on the plans this evening.
The Guest Book
Handmade Book
My oldest son and his girl are getting married on Saturday, the 24th of April (in four day's time). Miss Terah asked me to make the book thier guests would sign at the reception. I am quite pleased with how it turned out! The flowers on the front of the book were traded for a couple of my ATCs. Kristen helped me out so much by these flowers. She also sent the leaves with that trade. Thanks Kristin! The purple frame around the photograph of my son kissing his girl is made from chipboard painted with purple acrylic ink. The covers of the book are made from a game board cut to size and covered with recycled linen textured cream colored cardstock (same thing I use for all my ATCs done in marker). The spine of the book is canvas drywall repair tape. It has six signatures with 1 sheet of cardstock and 5 sheets of copy paper sewn with cotton thread.
This book went together beautifully. It is, by far, the best book I have ever made! I'm so pleased with it! Terah says she can't wait to show it off and she hasn't even seen it yet!

The dishes are hollering at me from the kitchen and the laundry needs attention as well. I slept for 14 hours straight and now it is night time. I'll be up all night doing what most folks do during the day.
Doesn't appear I will be getting any hugs this Tuesday. I do hope you collected your fair share!

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soulbrush said...

many congrats again and i hope it was a fabulous wedding. your book is beautiful. show us some photos please of them and you!