18 April 2010

Some Venting, Pictures From Saturday's Roadtrip, Bottle Cap Kids and a Handmade Book

I am a tad ticked at a certain person I know. I'll not name any names but he let me down - yet again. I've never intentionally made his life miserable, but every chance he gets, he takes me for granted and I'm getting a bit tired of it after all these years! I've always been there anytime he or his family needed anything! Anything! If it was in my power, I was there for whatever they might need. I seldom ask for anything from any of them. Yet, it seems each time I do ask a favor, something comes up and what was agreed upon gets put aside till it's more convenient. I got up early on Saturday morning to be there for the favor I asked of him. I waited and I waited some more! No call to say, "Gee, Donna, it's just not going to happen today. Sorry." I'd of been cool with that. I know things come up and sometimes plans have to change. I've not a problem with that. So I called him to see what the plan was. His wife was out of town and he just couldn't do what we had agreed upon, he was busy playing Mr. Mom, (as he put it). OK, still no problem. But why the hell couldn't he call and let me know plans had changed and he wasn't going to be coming out to do the job I asked of him? I waited from 7:30 till 9:00, thinking any minute now, he'll be coming down the highway with the rig. I could have got a lot more accomplished if I hadn't been sitting out in the garage with my brother waiting on the man to show up! I could have slept a bit longer! I only got about three hours sleep. I'm just ticked off at him for the time being and I needed to vent! Thanks for letting me do so! We did agree upon the weekend after next to get that job done. We'll see if he comes up with another excuse not to do it then. If that happens, he's going to get a piece of my mind! He's not in 12 years time ever seen me angry. Maybe it's time?
Beings that man didn't show up, my brother and I decided to go to town to his house to get rid of the 6 five gallon buckets of dirt in the back end of his truck. He's redoing his driveway and the dirt was to fill in spots that were low. He actually moved the driveway...the front yard is now his driveway and the driveway, he's planting back to grass. I think the boy just made a whole lot more work for himself, but it's his house. If he wants to move the driveway, who am I to tell him differently? It would just be wasted energy on my part anyway! So he empties the buckets in his drive and rakes the dirt smooth and we head off to get a soda. We talked about going to Phillipsburg but it rained on Thursday up by Pburg and the back roads are not passable after it rains. We were on a junk finding mission and you can't find junk on the well traveled roads. So we head west out of town and then north at the first mile road heading north. We found a lot of junk along our travels! I'm getting ahead of myself here...there are pictures.
While I was waiting for the man to show up on Saturday morning I took some pictures around the house.
This is the front yard. Pear trees are in bloom (the white flowers) and the redbud is just gorgeous this year! That's the burned house to the right and the house I live in to the left. Smells wonderful in the yard still!
That little tree in the foreground to the right of the pear tree is dead as a doornail and it must come out! There's a small redbud blooming in that mess too. Three little trees growing together and two of them are dead. The pear trees are loaded with blossoms! I'm hoping for a decent pear crop this year but that remains to be seen.

I have only red tulips in my flower beds. These are on the patio east of the burned house. There are other flowers planted there as well but not a one of them bloomed! The irises are planted too deeply and all they ever do is leaf out, no showy flowers. The spiderworts didn't come up this year at all and the giant allium died last year for lack of room to breathe cause there were so many weeds in that flower bed it wasn't even funny! The tulips have put on a good show this year though.
More tulips on the patio. I snipped off four of these tulips and a bunch of grape hiacynths out by the west flower bed to give to my sister for her birthday bouquet.
There's that fat dog Fred watching traffic go by out front of the house.
We should get a really good crop of plums this year. Last year was the first year the four plum bushes produced fruit. The bushes are loaded with blooms! And they smell really nice too! That's my sister's house on the far side of the plum bush.
This is a farm house we passed on our roadtrip Saturday. Those are tulips, red and yellow, planted all over their front yard! Hundreds of them! This picture doesn't do them justice. I didn't want to sit there in their drive though taking pictures of thier place. I wouldn't want someone doing that at my house so I won't do it to others. We turned around in their drive cause the road past this house didn't look too passable. It was quite muddy on the dirt road. I'd like to plant the space beneath the pear trees to daffodils like they've planted their yard to tulips.

We did do a bit of driving though. Well, Sammy drove, I rode.

All of these cows were in the same pen. Lots of babies! It appeared to be naptime for some of them. We saw lots of cows on our journey. We also saw some wildlife, but I'm a terrible photographer and the pictures I got of the turkeys and the deer, well, lets just say I'm not a real good shot!
These are sand plum bushes bordering a wheatfield. It was so pretty out on Saturday! So pretty! A perfect day for a drive, a perfect day to have gotten that job done that didn't get done! But things happen so you can go do something else and the something else that got done was indeed an adventure!
There's brother and the junk in the back of his truck we picked up off the side of the roads we traveled out in the country. All this crap was laying in the ditches. We didn't cross any fences to pick it all up. We added probably 100-150 pounds of junk to the pile so when the man does come to do that job, we'll just have that much more to sell to the junkman. My friend works for the junkman and he runs the rig that will bale this pile of junk. There's a few pieces of culvert in there that the maintainer tore up grading the dirt roads, pieces of a windmill the wind apparently took down (there was a lot of that windmill!), couple of TVs that someone had already taken all the good copper out of and shot with a shotgun. We took what was left of the copperwire and the screen behind the picture tube. All just junk laying there for the taking.
All in all, even despite the fact that things didn't get done I had expected to get done, it was a stellar day!
I'll get over the fact I am upset with my friend for going back on his word. Which is what he did! His kids are old enough he doesn't have to play Mr. Mom to them even though that's pretty much what his excuse was for not getting the pile baled on Saturday. There will just be that much more junk for him to bale when he finally gets around to doing it!

I have a kitten thinking she can get up on the desk to lay across my right arm while I type. That kitten is thinking wrong! She's not getting up here cause I can't type with her laying across my arm.
I made some more Bottle Cap Kids. I have yet to measure them so you'll have to wait for a description for them. I'll do that later in the day when I add thier tags with their info and mine. I used some new (for BCKs) materials for these guys. We've some googly eyes (not used as eyes), florists wire, pull tabs from aluminum cans, bottle caps I've not used before, and plastic coated wire I've not used before.
I'm running out of watch gears and will have to find some soon if the kids are going to have any on their tummies. I also added polished stones and faceted gemstones to a few of these guys. I've lots of polished stones but few faceted gemstones. I'll have to make a trade with my sister to acquire some more faceted gemstones.
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16 April 2010

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The Grass Book
Handmade Book
15 April 2010
This book's pages are 'hot'. My oldest son swiped a pad of monitor paper from the hospital the night my grand daughter was born and gave it to me to use for whatever. It made wonderful pages for this little book! The book is made from game boards, magazine picture, foil tape and the monitor paper. It's 3 x 4 inches and has 6 signature of 5 sheets of paper each.

Right now I need to go sew together the page block for the Guest Book for RJ and Terah's wedding. I cut all the pages and started on the covers yesterday. Won't take long to complete the book once I get the page block sewn and decide what I'm going to use to bind the spine of the book. I got some purple mylar yesterday and I think that will be used somewhere on the covers of the book. I'm still in the planning stages for the covers even though they are already started. You'll see the Guest Book in the next post.

Go get your hugs! Wish I could get a lot more hugs than I seem to get on a daily basis....
Be good to one another! It does matter!

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