30 August 2010

August is Almost Behind Us

I've nothing new in art to show you all except for a tree of life pendant that I made on Thursday evening.
My air conditioner unit died twice in the month of August. The first time on the 9th it was struck by lightning and/or a power surge fried the connector. The fix-it guy couldn't decide which. Then on the 19th, yes, just 10 days later, ants got in the damn thing and fried it again. Neither time was the part covered by the warranty. The A/C unit is only 5 months old.  I've yet to file a claim with the insurance people. I must do that on Monday morning!
This TOL is made from the connector that got fried by the ants. Medium size black ants to be exact. The connector had a good two dozen fried ants clinging to it when the fella brought it to me to show me it was indeed ants that had done it in. Sammy and I sat in the livingroom shooting the shit, unwinding the copper wire on the connector. Then when Sammy went home I made this pendant from that wire, some store bought copper wire and the beads Evelyn had given me earlier in the week. Those beads, at one time, had gold on them. They're plastic beads. Nothing fancy really. I like how the tree itself came out though.
And that's about the extent of artwork to show you....I've made some more fabric paper but I don't have those pictures downloaded at the moment.
I have three ATCs that need to be scanned.
I can show you the successful experimentation with dying paper towels....
ta da!

There are 30 of them here. I used Viva brand paper towels and Dr. P.H.Martin's Inks. It was a fun experiment with a new technique and I'm glad I did it! Haven't a clue what the hell I'm going to do with 30 dyed paper towels though. They look and feel like fabric.
I have little books that need to be sewn together but I've no ambition for little books at the moment.
My muse is occupied elsewhere these days.
I'm 9 days behind on the 365 Project. I intend to remedy that situation sometime this week...that is if my muse cooperates and comes home this week....

Friday was a terrible day in my world.
The 27th of August is the anniversary of the death of my husband. He's been gone 13 years now. It is always a sad for me because I miss him still. He was a good man and taken away much sooner than he should have been.
This Friday passed another soul was taken from this life much sooner than he should have been. I don't even know this young man's name but he lost his life in a terrible crash right in front of my house.
RIP young man.
I won't go into the gory details but the 18yr old boy died in his car in my driveway where it came to rest after he crossed the center line and collided with an 18wheeler.
It was a big mess and a bigger tragedy.
I know this sounds as though I could care less about there being a tragedy in my front yard, (literally) but that isn't the case. I've repeated this story too many times already and I've just not the energy to do it again.

I'm still waiting on Doc R to figure out what the hell was wrong with my thryoid. He told me last Thursday when I went to get the stitches out that the pathologist was working on my parathyroid. It apparently didn't stain right or something when they were doing thier tests on it. I need to call Doc R tomorrow and discuss this with him and find out what the calcium levels were from the vampire bite this past Wednesday.
I don't know if taking out my throid has improved my lot in life or not to be quite honest. I still sleep too much or too little. I do have a bit more energy, but I'd like a lot more, please.
My attitude's OK.

Kittens are fine...growing still just like kittens are supposed to. Turning into little demons who wake me at the crack of dawn wanting to be fed. Their mama is worse than they are about the feeding schedule! Miss Lola stands on my shoulder, leaning forward till her little nose is almost in my ear and she meows just as loud as she can meow to wake my hide up! There is no ignoring her. There is no ignoring the six little demons crawling all over me as I lay prone in my bed. The only thing I can do is get my hide out of that bed and feed their hungry bellies!
They will be advertised this week in the classified. It's time to send them out into the world.
I haven't taken their pictures for a few days.
I'll do that and show them off in the next post.
I've no idea when the next post might be though....

Right now, I'm off to dreamland.
Crack of dawn comes early. It's already almost 4 a.m.
Get your hugs!
Be good to one another!


soulbrush said...

time brings pain
time heals pain
time brings new pain
time will heal new pain
time to rest when possible
time to heal from all shocks
time to art again
time will come.

soulbrush said...

that burst forth from me, unstoppable.
what i was trying to say was
sorry about your hubby
sorry about the boy
sorry about the thyroid
happy about the dyed art
happy about the pendant
happy no post operation complications
happy about no cigs
happy to know you