22 August 2010

Pictures, Commentary and I'm alive and kicking!

Kittens are 5 weeks and one day old now. Just a month old in the picture above though.
The little buggers are running amuck~!

Brenton with an orange kitten.

Brenton with the smallest of the two darker kittens.
Fred and a couple kittens.
Little kittens, Big Footed dog!
Lola with a kitten or two.
Terah cooking some breakfast of a Saturday  morning.

def frog
Pink in the Pink Sands
Rapunzel's Rescue
who has the money?
Lola nursing the kittens.
Composition Notebooks covered with monochromatic picture fragments from various magazines.

Donna the day after thyroid surgery.

The drain tube was taken out on Saturday. Surgery was on Thursday.
Feeling pretty good on the 19th.
The incision is healing nicely. I've got a bit of energy. My attitude is good. The incision itches like crazy at the moment! I've a mole on my left shoulder area that has changed drastically in the last couple days....will make an appointment with Genny on Monday to have it looked at.
Fred and a kitten or two. He does really like these babies!

And they all like him well enough also.
Lola could care less that the dog loves her babies.
Could care less.

Fred has gotten bored with the whole kitten thing ....he's ready for a nap.

My fridge.

More pics of kittens.

Miss Lola is a tired mama!

I leave you with some muscular critters! I've no clue what originally drew me to this picture but I found it in my picture files under 'art ideas'. The caption for it is: OK, you maggots, let's keep it clean!....not sure just what that means!
Today I have been working in my altered book. Tomorrow I may show you what I've got done in it so far! Still a bit more to do in it though!
Get your hugs, people!
We all need some!

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