05 August 2010

Fabric Paper Making and the Results

This is my second attempt at fabric paper making. It turned out quite different than the first attempt. I showed you all the little book I made out of the first attempt a while back.

Here is a list of things I used to make this paper fabric:
gauze bandagings
dictionary pages
text pages from various books
magazine pages torn in random shapes
scrapbooking paper
tissue paper in red and yellow
a whole bunch of pvc glue
gold glitter glue
cheap acrylic craft paints
large dog food bag
The dog food bag isn't really part of the finshed product but I find it is a neccessity. I've heard that others use a plastic sheet of one sort or another. The dog food bag is plastic, it's just a much thicker plastic than a garbage bag which is what other's seem to prefer. There is no right or wrong way to make this paper though so use whatever suits your needs best.
You will need a large space to work in, some grubby clothes to wear, a bunch of little scraps of this and that and a bunch of PVC glue.
As I said, there are no wrong or right ways of doing this. You lay down your plastic sheet and brush on a generous layer of glue. Lay your muslin (I substitued gauze. Any thin fabric will work.) down into the glue and press it down so it absorbs the glue. Then start gluing pieces of your scraps down. cover the fabric entirely with paper and glue. Don't worry about wrinkles or where each piece of paper is layed down, just do it quickly and pay no mind to what lands where! You are going to make a mess cause the glue should be watered down a bit (to the consistency of cream. I dilute mine two parts glue to one part water and if that seems a bit thick to spread, I add a little more water a little at time till it 'feels' right.)
After I had covered the gauze entirely with various different papers, I let it dry for the day.
When it was all dry I spread a blob of glitter glue all over it to give it some shine and some sparkle and then while the glue was still wet I drizzled cheap bottled acrylic craft paints in blue, green, yellow and red over the entire thing and let it dry for another day. When it is completely dry, peel off your plastic backing and you have a new sheet of cool paper to do whatever with!
It is very important that you let the paper dry thoroughly before you use it in a project!
This particular sheet of paper is roughly 3 feet long and 18 inches wide.
I'll be making book covers out of it.

I hope this post was informative enough so you can make your own fabric paper if you so desire.

Tomorrow there will be a boatload of kitty ATCs to show you all!
Get your hugs, people!

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