21 October 2011

Couple Magnets, Some Angels and a Wayward Bird

Hello Readers!
It's a cold morning! Only 35F out at 7 a.m. I am not looking forward to winter.

I'm still trying desperately to keep up with the muse!
 Enjoy the fruits of my labors of love! 
This isn't work. It is play!
Green Tree Magnet
This started out as a bottle cap. I added some stringed sequins to the inside of the cap, some nagahyde, a wooden stick, a green glass donut bead and a Monopoly house. All glued in with tacky glue. The bottle cap is about 1 1/4  inches. I rather like all the different shades of green in this magnet.

Ma and I made angels on Tuesday. This is one hers.
We adapted the instructions from a book. The angels in the book were 10 inches tall when finished. Ours are considerably smaller at about 4 inches tall. The body is a wooden skewer wrapped in quilt batting with cotton string. She's gold glitter glue for hair, her facial features are drawn on in brown sharpie and her wings are copper wire and wired ribbon. Her halo is galvanized wire.

Ma and I made 12 of them on Tuesday and then when I woke up on Wednesday there angels screaming in my head so I made another 16 of them. 
Some have ribbon roses on their chests, some have plastic gemstones and some have regular ribbons and some have a ribbon and a rose on their chests. I put whatever I thought would fit and look halfway Christmassy.
Some have irredescent glitter all over their bodies. Some don't.

These are the results of hair experiments. I ended up going with the gold glitter glue for hair cause it was the easiest of the choices to apply.

Number 11 Magnet
This one started out as a gold colored metal bottle cap. Came from a bottle of spirits of some sort, I do believe. The butterfly hanging off the '11' is a broken earring, the "11" is a chipboard game piece from some game I don't know the name of, the red disk on top the '11' is plastic bingo marker, a wooden disk, a couple of buttons, some sequins, a few small wooden beads, a red sea shell (resin, it was purple before I got a hold of it with the sharpies) and a velvet star. There's a Coca-Cola bottle cap inside the metal bottle cap to adhere the magnet to.That '11' is a 1 inch square to give you scale.

This little bird finally got some legs!

In the works this morning are more elf shoes. Got one and a half pairs sewn so far, more to come. I'll show you these when I get them finished and their pictures taken. I'll do a couple more pair before I take any pictures of them.
I've two dangly things made from beads and wire, quite similar to the bracelets in the last post but on a smaller scale. And I've another bracelet done also. No pictures of those yet either.
I started working on more ornaments for the project. 16 folded paper stars, made from road maps and painted with green glitter glue.. They are not finished yet though cause they need a ribbon and a hanger added before I can take their pictures.
I do believe paper mache is on my agenda today. We'll see what transpires.
You all be good to one another! It matters!

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soulbrush said...

Your magnets and angels are wonderfully wonderful. So are you.

Maggie came for a sleepover and fell in love with 'Gabriel' and 'Jenny', so I took them down off their hooks and we played make believe with them all weekend- I had to keep an eye on her as there are sharp bits on them- but you made one little girl very happy!!!!