30 October 2011

Ornament Project Continued

Hello Everyone!

The ornament project is coming along nicely! I need to sit down and make a list of all that is done and what needs done still.
I'm hoping to have a dozen different ornaments for the project. 
What is the project?
Christmas gifts for all the families I know.
Again, I need to make a list of all the folks on that list.
I'm thinking there are a total of 16 on the list but I'm not certain without actually making a list!

I've been busy since the last post:

Magazine Reed Star
I only made one of these just to see if it could be done. I found a tutorial for wheat straw stars and adapted it to fit with the magazine reeds. I need to go swipe an electric motor off the pile on the patio and unwind the copper wire on it for use in the stars. I'm all but out of this particular wire used on this one. 
I will make more of these for the project. Shouldn't take but a few hours to whip up a couple dozen of these.
It's made with 4.5 inch long reeds. I still have hundreds of reeds from my marathon reed making session last winter.

Tufted Paper Ball Ornaments
I didn't have a tutorial for this particular ornament. I was searching on Google for inspiration for something else and these came to mind from a few different sources. Sorry, the old brain didn't retain that info or I'd send you that way. These are about 2.5 inches round. They started out as a wooden bead with a wire bale glued in the hole before I covered it with Medical Dictionary pages with hot glue. The papers are roughly an inch square. I didn't measure, just eyeballed it as I cut strips from the pages. The little squares are wrapped around the nonworking end of a paintbrush, dipped in hot glue and adhered to the wooden bead. Not all my wooden beads are the same size, nor are they all the same shape. That didn't seem to make a heck of a lot of difference in the finished ball. Some of the beads were perfectly round, bout half an inch. Others were about 3/4 inch, shaped like a squarish oval.

I made these pear shaped tufted paper ornaments before the bead idea sunk in. These start out with a large christmas light bulb...outdoor lites...if you read the blog, you'll remember the spiders. the bulbs are the same ones. 
My Medical Dictionary from 1940something (I tore out the copyright page) has red page edges so some of them look a bit pink. I like the effect of the pinkish tone it gives the ornaments.
The pear ornaments are about 5 inches long, big around as your fist. These took forever to glue all those little tufts of paper on. 
I think these need some bling. Something red....a tassel hanging over the top? Red seed beads glued randomly? Needs something, I know that!
 The bead center ones go much faster! And the littler ones are a lot cuter too~!
I don't think I'll make anymore of the big ones....all depends on if I can't come up with enough ideas to end up with 12 different ornaments.
At this point, I have 6 pear shaped balls and 17 round balls.

I sewed another elf shoe the other day.
I had one of these yellow elf shoes already sewn. The one that looks like it was squished is the second one sewn. One shouldn't wait for better than a week to sew a matching pair of shoes. 

I sewed the green elf shoes with white thread and then colored it green with a sharpie after sewing. 
Embellishments are white plastic beads and gold sequins on both pair.
I now have 5 pair of elf shoes.

I thought these little houses were adorable until I put this one together. They ARE adorable but they take forever to put together! If time permits, these may end up in the ornament project. They're made from a cake box, foil tape, an eye pin and some green aluminum chain.  The roof is supposed to open to reveal a hidden compartment but my roof is taped shut cause I didn't cut the sides straight and there was a giant gap between the top of the house and the bottom of the roof. This is a terrible picture of the little house ornament, sorry but it's the best I could muster at the time. 

All is well in my world. The body is still in rebel mode but complaining about my aches and pains does not make those aches and pains go away so it's just wasted energy to do so!
Hope all is well in your world!
Be good to one another!
Peace, my friends!

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