27 October 2011

Ornaments and A Cat

I can't keep my hands still for long.
I worked on the first item(s) in this list for five days running.
I wish I'd of taken pictures of the process of making these Polish Star Ornaments. They look a whole lot harder to make than they really are. If you're interested in trying to make your own; check out this link:

I ended up with, I think, 23 of these paper ornaments.
They're made from orchard paper. I used an empty cardboard spool that wide ribbon came wound around for my template. You'll need something round, bout 3 inches or so for your template. You'll need 10 rounds of paper for each ornament. Sit yourself down in front of the boobtube and start cutting, folding and gluing your way to assembling. 
This was a fun, if tedious project and the finished product is quite impressive in hand.
When I make more of these, and I will make more!, I will use colored paper or I will put glitter on the points before they're assembled. They could stand a bit of bling!

Blue Wire Beaded Bangle #3
I still have blue beads to make other things out of! Same basic bracelet as the two I showed you all in the last post. 
And beings there were just a few glass beads left, I  made this
Blue Wire Beaded Dangly/Ornament.
It's about 2 inches across, made with galvanized wire and glass beads. 

And beings I was going through beads, this Dangly was created as well. 
It ain't pretty. 

The kids came for a visit over the weekend. Terah, her friend Chanun and I stayed up way passed our bedtimes making things. Terah took one of my storage boxes and prettied it up!
It started out as a 4 inch square box, 3 inches tall with a separate lid. The box was lavendar colored and Terah gave it some bling! I'll use this box for a Christmas wrapper!
Chanun blinged up a couple of wood cutouts; a heart and a star. I'll put magnets on the backs of them and stick them on the fridge!

Before I got started on the Polish Stars, I was folding maps into wreaths.
These things are so easy to make, it's sinful!
 I used maps of Oklahoma for my wreath ornaments, but you could use any paper your little heart desires!
I painted them with green glitter paint to keep them together and to give them a bit of sparkle. The hanger is 6pound test monofilament fishing line. 
I ended up with 16 of these. I'm not done making wreaths though, there will be more. They might have a different bow on them as these do though. Not sure just how many of those bows are left....
If you'd like to make some wreath ornaments, check out this link:

I made all of my wreaths in an afternoon and finished them the next day. Very quick, easy project.

I have other projects in the works. Need to finish up a few obligations for swaps and then it's back to elf slippers, ice skates and red flowers with bells!

Be good to one another!
Miss Lola fixing to take a nap on the kitchen floor after a rousing game of 'catch those rodents'!
Her all time recorded record for kills in one day?
She deserves a nap! I just wish she wouldn't bring the dang things in the house before the kill is made! (Or after for that matter!)


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