28 February 2012

Another Monster, A Polish Star and the Start of 2 New Projects

Hello Readers!
Another day, another project or two....

I told you all a flamingo was gonna fly in yesterday. Don't think it flew though....it hasn't any wings yet.

Not sure if it will ever be a flamingo, but there's the beginnings of it! 
We shall see what transpires with this armature over the next few weeks. 
Stay tuned!

Monsters seem to be on my artistic radar these days.
Another orange one!
I will have used up all this orange fabric soon!
This monster is about 8 inches tall. His blue eyes are felt and the whites are from the collar of the dark orange polo shirt. Sewed with crewel embroidery thread.

And of course, another Polish Star materialized out of the circles already cut.
This one is predominately from the pages of a citrus fruit catalog.
This one is a small one. 2.5 inches or so.

I didn't take a picture of it, but I made a ball of chipboard twine yesterday out of a cereal box. I tried to crochet it this afternoon. That endeavor seems an impossibility though so I'm not sure what I'll do with my ball of chipboard twine. Maybe weaving it is the route to go? Crocheting it is not.

Another orange monster in the making!
You all will see this one completed in the next post! 
And I colored in the beetle drawing you all saw a bit of in the last post with the paper bag book.
I've turned this into a bookmark. The backside is decorated with drawings and a quote:
Sam Llewelyn

I have no idea who Sam Llewelyn is but I like the quote!

Not much else happening in my world these days, other than making useless stuff!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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